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A small Black Diamonds, Its very minute to small size 57 faceted diamonds from 1 mm to almost 3 mm sizes in the round brilliant cut. The loose small black diamond is absolutely jet black in color. The calibrated is has 10 hardness on moh’s scale. Black calibrated lot is calibrated so having the same mm size. It can go into the making of any jewelry. black diamond is available in AAA and AA quality. Raw diamonds are also available in the market, and if want to know How to Identify a Raw Black Diamond properly then get some exact knowledge about them.

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Small black diamonds by size are enabled jewelry designers, jewelry makers, diamond wholesalers to make the widest variety of diamond jewelry. Our quality artisans crafts out of rough diamonds in a way that makes them sparklingly brilliant. Well, a black calibrate is used in a side stone of any diamond jewelry.

They are also available in fancy shapes like princess cut black calibrate, emerald-cut black calibrate, pear cut black calibrate and Many More. The use of natural small loose black diamond is most common in fine diamond jewelry designs. Small Black diamonds mostly used in making Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and chains. They are also the preferred choice to be used for jewelry accent stones in engagement and wedding rings, They go really well with colorless diamonds in making cocktail jewelry while you can also pair them with the white diamond for a regal look. For More information you can read & get information on white diamond vs black diamond and earn wisdom of knowledge on them. If you want black diamonds or colorless diamonds then, kindly inquire with us.

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