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Diamond Wedding Bands For Him And Her.

Gemone Diamond Brings you this magnificent set of Diamond Wedding Bands For Him and Her, Featuring 0.20 carats white diamonds set in design 14k white gold metal. We do take customized orders so if you want any contact us we will possibly provide it to you.

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Product ID

GD 1705


14K Yellow Gold


Men and Women


4.00 to 5.00 MM

Number Of Diamonds


Diamond color


Diamond Cut

Very Good

Setting Type


Diamond Clarity


Available Size

6 To 9

Diamonds Carat Weight

0.20 carats

Diamonds Shape

Round Brilliant Cut

Product Description

Diamond Wedding Bands For Him And Her.

So here we come with our extravagant collection of diamond wedding bands for him and her. The Diamond Wedding Bands comes in a set for him and her. With a Plain 14K yellow gold band for him and A gorgeous Band accented with 3 natural white diamonds. Total Carat weight of diamonds is 0.20 Carats. Diamonds in this wedding band comes in SI1 clarity. SI1 is the lowest grade with flaws often not visible to the naked eye. Wedding Bands are of purely 14k yellow gold.

Difference Between Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands.

There is not as noteworthy a difference between these two pieces. As more women began to wear wedding bands and they became more feminine, these items change into what is now known as the wedding ring. The contemporary wedding ring is slightly more stylized than the simple wedding band, which usually has a super simplistic design. It may include diamonds set all the way around it, or adoring metal work.

As a result of this, the wedding band is often far less costly than a wedding ring, and nearly always less expensive than the engagement ring.

As with the wedding ring, the diamonds wedding bands are exchanged in front of family and friends at the ceremony. Some couples may decide to purchase him and hers diamond wedding bands in a set so that they coordinate style-wise.

Why Buy Diamond Wedding Bands.

Getting a new, brilliant engagement ring on your finger is an extremely exciting time for any woman…and as a result, many women fail to remember that they are also going to soon have a wedding band on that same finger. So how do you choose a diamond wedding bands, and more importantly, when do you choose it?

As a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, your wedding bands are a huge decision. Traditionally, the woman buys her future husband a wedding band, and the man buys his future wife a wedding band & an engagement ring; however, there is no rule to this.


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