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0.96 Carats Antique Black Grey Salt And Pepper are suitable for any piece of jewelry. If you wanted to look at something different from others then you can choose this 0.96 carats solitaire salt & pepper diamond is the best for your jewelry. This salt & pepper diamond comes with transparent clarity and different color shades.

Note: The photo is for representation purpose only. You will get this similar piece.

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Diamond Id

GD 1929



Diamond Shape

Antique Shape

Carat Weight

0.96 Ct (Approx)

Number of Diamonds

1 Piece

Diamond Size

5.50 X 6.50 X 2.90 mm (Approx)

Diamond Color

Black Grey

Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut

Very Good






Not Applicable

Product Description

Antique Black Grey Salt And Pepper

0.96 Antique Black Grey Salt And Pepper come in black color with semi-transparent clarity. This antique shape salt and pepper diamond are transparent, shiny and either fancy cut in a unique diamond shape.

Want you looking for some different diamond rather than regular diamond? Then you come to the right place. Here, you’ll get the different shape, color, and sizes diamond for your fancy diamond jewelry. If you are selecting this 0.96 Carat Antique Shape Salt And Pepper Diamond for your jewelry then I’ll make sure your jewelry looks gorgeous and gives a look different.

An Antique Black Grey Salt And Pepper Diamond is a unique shape of the most beautiful diamond shape in the diamond world. The diamond shows off a ton of icy, shiny and brilliance from other diamonds. The 0.96 Carat unique shape salt and pepper feature a fantastic rose cut with step cuts.

If you wanted to know more about Salt and Pepper then you can read our blog and check in the Link given below.


The Diamond Shape in this unique icy diamonds is antique Shape Salt And Pepper Diamond. You will be getting 1 piece in 0.96 carats weight diamond this.


The rose cut is an antique shape, with a step cut of facets. This unique shape of the most popular diamond styles available in the current era, but there are some other styles rising in popularity.  Unique Shape Rose Cut Diamond is, obviously, cut into a fancy shape, with step cut.

The multitude of faceted in the stone reflect light and give the stone its shine. In fact, this salt and pepper diamond is considered the shiniest cut today. The antique shape and Rose Cut Diamond have ruled the diamond world.

Uses of Salt And Pepper

You can use this diamond as a center stone at your diamond engagement ring. While you are looking at an engagement ring, pay attention to the types of diamond jewelry your girl wears. Look at hands to determine the right type of diamond for her finger. Eventually, all these features will help you discover the one diamond that she will cherish the rest of her life.

Why Should You Purchase From Us?

More like a gem that can make your fingers stand out in beauty and standard? If yes, you’ll want to discover salt and pepper Diamonds. This unique diamonds have been around for quite some time and were even considered undesirable.

But in this era, they loved by many brides-to-be and have even expanded to become one of the hottest fashion to take over engagement rings or pendants.


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