Why only Choose A Black Diamond?

Looking for some fresh and new ideas for jewelry purchases? Check out why you choose a black diamond rather than traditional colorless types. Choose natural black diamond and the reason for it?black diamond

For many people, Choosing natural black diamonds are the best when it comes to precious stones. They have long been favored for people looking for stunning diamond engagement rings and have always been a great investment. What many people don’t realize is that they are available in more than just the colorless variety most are familiar with. Champagne, purple, orange, green, yellow and black is just some of the alternatives to traditional diamonds.

Even if you have heard about black diamond before, you may still hold the mistake that they are not real. Black diamond is real. It is in two different forms.
1. Carbonado and 2.Heat-treated.

Carbonado are natural diamonds. And they are found in the part of the Central African Republic and Brazil. This has undergone extensive and intensive heat treatment to transform them.
black diamond

You may wonder though, aside from the difference in color, why you should invest in natural black diamond rather than the more traditional sparkling kind.

Choosing Black Diamond Is Cheaper Than The Traditional Diamonds

Probably the biggest draw of choosing a natural black diamond is the fact that they are less expensive than normal diamonds. Although is partly due to the fact that the demand is not as big for them. It also has to do with how the natural black diamonds are valued. Because of the color, there is less focus on the clarity of a natural black diamond. This saves a considerable amount of money as it is unnecessary to spend a lot of time or money ensuring that a black diamond is as sparkling and clear as it can be.black diamond

Lorraine Schwartz – Platinum Solitaire Black and White Diamond Cocktail Ring

Larger Black Diamond Stones Are More Affordable

Following on nicely from the above, another major benefit of choosing a black diamond is that you can afford a much larger stone rather than other ordinary diamonds. Many people’s diamond engagement rings prefer a larger, more prominent diamond. With normal diamonds, the price is very high for this style. However natural black diamond engagement rings tend to be less expensive.black diamond

Do Black Diamond Stand Out and Is Different

For many, it’s a sign of success and sophistication to own diamond jewelry of any kind. While transparent or clear diamonds are clearly favored. Because they are what people’s image of a diamond is. If you look a step outside the box and be a different, natural black diamond is a great option. Whether you opted for natural black diamond earrings or black diamond wedding bands. They are going to draw super attention for all the right reasons. They are often considered as being rebel gems. So, if you prefer to do your own thing and not always follow the crowd, consider a natural black diamond.black diamond

Gweneth Paltrow – Oval Cut Black Diamond Hoop Earrings

Celeb Power

Being an individual is one thing, but most of us find inspiration from the media and people we like when it comes to choosing jewelry. Fans of Sex and the City will know that Mr. Big gave Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) a black diamond ring. Since then, other celebrities, including actress Carmen Electra and many stars from the world of hip-hop is snapped with black diamond pieces.black diamond

Carmen Electra’s Black Diamond Engagement Ring

So, before you opt for the same diamond necklace or consider colorless diamond earrings or diamond engagement rings like so many others, we’ve hopefully shown some great reasons why you should choose natural black diamond jewelry.black diamond

May 14, 2018, Blake Lively – Deadpool 2 – AMC Loews Lincoln Square – New York City

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