What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online ! April 16, 2014 Ashish Sukhadiya

What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online !


What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online!

Natural black diamond buying guide. People do have misconceptions while Buying A Black Diamonds online. Like what quality, size, shape and at what cost to choose.

What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online

Black Diamonds have become The diamonds for current diamond jewelry, surpassing all colored diamond categories. Must be the mystery of the color black. The theories of Black Diamond formation have much to do with that, especially since they have been linked to supernovas.

About a decade ago black diamonds were low-cost because most collectors and researchers weren’t interested in them. But a current marketing campaign put the stones in the spotlight, so prices have risen sharply. Today black diamonds are sold for prices that are equivalent to those of white diamonds. Check out how to go about Buying A Black Diamonds online.


1. Learn about black diamonds. There is an abundance of resources available to learn all about black diamonds. Black diamonds are crystallized carbon, just like normal diamonds. Either the color black occurs due to dark inclusions, or high temperatures or radiation in a diamond. Before buying, do your homework.

 What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online

natural black diamond

2.Know what features to look for. A good cut, a polished surface, and a rich color is the pride of black diamonds. Even if treated, a black diamond is very much a real diamond.

 What To Look When Buying A Black Diamonds online

Learn the Four C’s.

1. All diamonds are judged

On the basis of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Black diamonds are no exception. Black diamonds have a round cut (16 facets single cut or 57 facets brilliant cut). The surfaces should be smooth. Colour should be evenly distributed. Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions or flaws. Grades are AAA, AA, AA+, A, & I1 with AAA being the best. A black diamond should have a glossy, sparkling surface. Carat is the weight of a diamond. Since the density of a black diamond is better, a black diamond will appear smaller than a white diamond.

2. A large number of black diamonds

On today’s market is not real. They have treated stones or clearly dark brown or exact dark green diamonds. What’s a real stone? It is difficult to cut and can be much more brittle than other diamonds.

3. Brace yourself up for that astronomical bill

Beware of misleading ads. Go for terms that say untreated or GIA certified. Fancy black diamond is unprocessed. When an unusual color is an asset in a diamond, the term ‘fancy’ is used.

4. Compare diamond prices.

If you want to purchase black diamonds, do a search on different websites to see what black diamonds are listed. Then directly compare prices. Beware that vendors can list the same stones from wholesaler lists and few diamonds on the internet are unavailable. After one call to inquire about them. They may be either out on inspection or sold by another dealer. So make sure they are available by asking actual picture, weight, and size. Which opportunity hunter may not have and you can compare the exact sizes from other websites.

5. Check the black diamond.

In a fiber optic light, the edges of a black diamond will appear to have dark brown edges.

6. Consider a combo with white diamonds.

A solitaire black diamond is more for a very strong personality. Combining black diamonds with white ones in a piece of jewelry turn into poetic and enhances the beauty of both. Quite a balance between conventional and modern.

7. Check the vendor’s remark.

Before buying, there are a few things you are to consider. To begin with, check vendor’s organization and credentials with public and professional organizations. Inquire about vendor’s credentials, if you weren’t able to find them on the official website. Make sure you’ve checked the feedback from previous customers on the consumer forum. Please ask for the actual diamond pictures, as this days technology advancement produced fake high-quality pictures.

8. Buying over the Internet.

Surprisingly, but buying black diamonds online over the Internet is a little pleasant experience. A great variety of well-cut stones at the best prices can be easily found on the Internet. It’s simple to buy online than to find a reputable local jeweler. Whom you can trust by setting a diamond, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and so on.
Beware of few things. Like a 100% natural black diamond Treated or enhanced will not cost you less than $100 per carat or so. If anybody is giving you at $10 or $14 per carat..please beware..99.99% it’s sure…they are not real they are either hematite or synthetic moissanite or silicon carbide.

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