What Are Rustic Diamonds? Know In Details About The One In A Million Type “Diamond”

Rustic Diamonds?

Have you ever found a word on the web for Rustic Diamonds while searching for diamonds? You must have many times, I’m sure.

rustic diamonds The One Of A Kind Diamond

I’ll make it clear in this blog what are rustic diamonds? How are they being shaped? What’s the special thing about them? And why do you have to choose them?

So, Let’s start with the first question.

What Are Rustic Diamonds?

what are rustic diamonds

As the rustic term itself suggests their design is rustic. The rustic term refers to originality. These diamonds are also known as untouched diamonds. The rustic looks natural and unique in its own way.

How Are Rustic Diamonds Formed?

They are nothing but highly natural stones. Yet, they are formed with many inclusions, so they get a rustic look.

Originally, the formation of diamonds goes underneath the ground surface much deeper than the ground level. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon and the purest diamond consists of pure carbon molecules and no substitutes.

Under the earth’s crust there are different mineral types and thus, while diamonds are formed, other minerals blend with the diamond molecules which results in impurities. Such impurities are the result of diamonds having inclusions. This natural process of diamond formation creates a range of diamonds, including colorless ones.

how are rustic diamonds formed

Two types of rough diamond typically exist: one is an industrial grade, and the other is rough gem quality or gem grade.

The most striking fact is that only 20% of Gem-quality diamonds are cut into sophisticated stone. When talking about the rest, 80 percent are rough-grade industrial grades that mean high inclusive stones that cannot be used to make a polished diamond.

So, do you really think these diamonds aren’t useful at all? No? In fact, rustic diamonds for sale are trendy now and they look even more beautiful after being cut and polished compared to pure perfect diamonds. I will also clarify this point in the next section. I hope you will now get a clear idea of how rustic diamonds were formed.

What’s So Special About Them?

What’s so special about the rustic diamonds? Why do people use this in their gems, despite the expensive rough diamond prices today? Well, for several years, due to the value of rustic diamonds, the use of the rose cut diamond has reached its peak. Many famous jewels such as Anna Sheffield and Alexis Russel do this and amaze most of the jewelry designers. Rustic cut diamonds are also very useful for the making of natural diamond engagement rings.

rustic jewelry

They always call it a diamond, because it looks unique. Yes, every diamond among the rustic diamonds comes with unique color and clarity, which makes it unique. And guess what? All these are natural formations, and, who will not choose a jewel that is unique in its own way. Just because you can and no other person can ever have it. This is why these stones are in their own way unique.

Why would you want to choose them?

As I explained before, rustic diamonds for sale are one of a kind and unique. Why not therefore choose those diamonds that are rare and different from others? Well, you have to look into something that ensures you are different from other people in this world of following the same things.

Why don’t you pick something unique and beautiful while choosing the perfect stone for your engagement ring? Another reason for having rustic cut diamond stones is that they reflect nature and the actual diamond form.

I could suggest you another good reason why these diamonds are always in the rose cut diamond form. What’s the shape of a rose cut? Cut rose is the form that in the 1500s was made to reflect the picture of a rose bud. The diamond is shaped in the form of a rose’s bud.

rose cut diamonds shape in rustic diamonds

The diamond is divided into several facets of a triangle that looks like a central star and and a few other triangle facets around it. It looks so beautiful and lovely that the retro or vintage era reverts back to it.

These diamonds are also available in various geometric forms such as hexagon, octagon, and triangle.

Gemone Diamonds Understands the demand and need of our customers and the trend worldwide, hence as a leading manufacturer we offer our customers the best pieces of this one of a kind diamond.

I am going to present you some of our elegant and extraordinary pieces below. I am sure you will love our pieces.

Kite Shape Rustic Diamonds

Kite Shaped Rustic Diamond

This Elegant Gray Color Kite Shape Rustic Diamond is something that everyone is crazy for. Yes, most of the jewelers select this masterpiece for their diamond jewelry. Most often they select this to set for their Antique Diamond Engagement Rings. The above piece is 1.29 Carats and has opaque clarity.

If you are still wondering how it will look in the engagement ring, while the stone is full of inclusions, you can check the ring below. This is a pure natural diamond engagement rings example.

kite shape diamond ring


Ain’t this ring Amazing ONE OF A KIND. I am sure now you are pretty confident that you know more about the Rustic Diamond Rings and Jewelry.

Grayish Brown Round Rose Cut Rustic Diamond

Our stock also includes 1.01 carat grayish brown round rose cut rustic diamond, which is well to set as a center stone of antique engagement rings.

Grayish Brown Round Rose Cut Rustic Diamond

Here is the perfect example of Grayish Brown Diamond Engagement Ring In Rose Gold. This reminds you of the Victorian Era, with its unique rose cut stone in the center.

grayish brown rose cut diamond engagement ring

I’m sure sure now you know enough about what rose cut diamonds are and more importantly, you know more about the value of rustic diamonds. I’m sure you’ve loved our blog, and if you have any more questions about rustic diamonds for sale or rough diamond prices, you’re free to post them with a comment or email us.

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