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Mark M.

Great quality and delivery time, their staff is amazing. Mr Zubber with his staff was really nice and kind, a catalogue of great black diamond rings was shown to me, a lot of options and suggestions, worth spending for this quality ofservice! Thank you!

Rachel Berta

You guys are truly amazing! My dream salt & paper diamond ring has come true because of your great product as well as the great delivery on all levels! Thank you!


Decide whether you want matching bands or not.

While you are exchanging bands you are stepping into a new life with your love, here you can definitely go with matching bands and walk in the same direction.

What should be the width of the Wedding Band?

The thickness of bands varies, hereby sometimes band’s width may also affect its comfort level. Band size widths traditionally start at 2mm and go up to 4mm for female wedding rings hereby a band having more than 2.5 mm thickness is meant to be a wide choice band.

What is the most popular style in a wedding band?

For timeless and elegant choices plain bands are always in style. As wedding bands are a sign of love and fidelity between you and your partner.

How much should spend on a wedding band?

generally, the price of a wedding band varies a lot, here with simple bands costing as little as a couple of hundred dollars and more extravagant rings costing as much as tens of thousands of dollars. normally it depends on your Budget and the type of band you want.

Can I Merge a Wedding band and Engagement Ring?

Nowadays, Couples are buying wedding and engagement rings together as they are thinking about how their choice of engagement ring and wedding bands accompanied, both dramatically and symbolically. They’ll often form a wedding set in which the two rings are blended.

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