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Gemone Diamond keeps loose diamonds too. Diamond shines brightly with flashes of light. Before purchasing a diamond you need to know the 4c’s – cut, clarity, carat, color, of the diamonds from which clarity is the important feature of purchasing a diamond. VS Diamonds known as very slightly included diamonds have a very small amount of impurities in them.

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Gemone Diamond has both qualities of diamonds. VS1 diamonds are of higher quality and higher grade and every small amount of inclusion is there, hard to find with naked eyes. These diamonds come in the top 5 percent of all gem-quality stones. There by, VS2 diamonds will have eye-visible inclusions only 5% or less of the time. Generally, we give you the advice to buy VS1 diamonds instead of VS2 because there is no huge difference in price.

Be ready to make your selection. Purchase your diamonds from Gemone Diamonds to make your jewelry look luxurious. We will recommend you the finest of all. The main motive of our Store is to make customers happy. We provide Free Shipping too. We the leading diamond manufacturer in India, that’s why our loose diamonds prices are lower than any of your local diamonds supplier. The diamond we sell is 100% natural diamonds and there is no risk when you are making a purchase from Gemone Diamonds coz we are having PayPal secure checkout method.

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