Know About Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017 To Rock. January 8, 2017 Ashish Sukhadiya

Know About Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017 To Rock.


Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017.

So as the year ends and as we are moving ahead towards the new year let’s talk about Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017 To Rock. We have made a list of 15 Diamond Engagement Rings In this Blog That will give you some idea about what you must look for in the Year Ahead.

  1. Non-Traditional | Black Diamond Stackable Ring In 14K White Gold.

    Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017 Engagement rings are no more traditional now as they were. This alternative design stackable ring has black diamonds over the accent made of fine 14k white gold the design makes it absolutely unique.

2. Non-Traditional | Designer Flower Diamond Rings

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

This Gorgeous Ring is an eye-catching, Intersecting shank and flower petals design crafted in pure 14K yellow gold. Accented with brilliant round cut tiny diamonds set in the center shines really bright in the middle. This ring is something which everyone wants.

3. Non-Traditional | Antique Black Diamonds Bezel Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

This Antique Non-Traditional Ring with Black Diamonds Set in Opposite Way In Bezel setting makes it look different. Crafted with 14k pure Gold, now this rings is just awful and can be demanding because of its uniqueness.

   4. Colored Stones | Pink Sapphire And Diamond Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Say bye bye to white – Colored stones are gaining fame. Gemstones give a true meaning to traditional engagement rings and make it look outstanding. It features pure 14k white gold with pave diamonds and makes it unique with its Pink Sapphire in the center.

 5. Colored Diamonds | Aquamarine Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Like deep ocean color, this aquamarine gemstone ring is just stunning and gorgeous. This Aquamarine Ring is Extra Amazing. Huge 5 Carat Aquamarine Stone is Set in center surrounding with an accent of bright diamonds. Set in superb 14k White Gold.

6.  Colored Stones | Ruby Gemstone Ring


Ruby Ring Makes A Beautiful Choice As A Center Stone – especially if it’s your birthstone! It features an oval-cut ruby with pave diamonds in a romantic halo setting.

7. Vintage-Style | Black Diamond Filigree Vintage Ring


Vintage Style Engagement Rings also know as Antique Engagement Rings are currently hottest trends of all. Reviving the complex details of decades, This choice is perfect for brides who want to be one of its kind looks.

Gemone Diamonds Filigree Vintage Style Ring is unique with a Black Diamond in a center. Crafted with 14k white gold and even other options for metals in 14k gold are available. You can even choose center stone of your choice.

8. Vintage-Style | Winter Palace Ring.


Black Diamond Winter Palace Ring, Name itself sounds elegant, This Vintage Ring and Its fabulous design are just perfect. Made with 14k Rose Gold with a Black Diamond in the center looks more than beautiful. Believe me the design it’s just Amazing. It’s one of the best Vintage Ring and suits in our trend list.

9. Vintage-Style | Antique Vintage RingTop Engagement Ring Trends 2017

This Ring has special influence in the past, Perfectly we can call it as Vintage Ring. Inside vintage design can make you remind of the forgotten old European era. The Center stone with black diamond is a great choice, styled in 14k rose gold.

10. Stacked Bands | Zig Zag Stackable Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Next, in our list of Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017, Some brides are selling the solitaire Engagement ring for an engagement ring band. While you can wear it solo, we are observing many wearers creating custom stacks. Gemone Diamond Stacking Rings have a collection of option for making a look that says “you.” and if you want to customize it with another color in gold or diamonds then you can request for it.

11. Stacked Bands| Black Diamonds Stackable Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

This is one of the best selling rings with simple round shank and parallel black diamonds set on its surface. Made with fine polish 14k rose gold. Will look more amazing if paired with vintage black diamond ring.

12. Stacked Bands | Curved Yellow Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

14k Curved Yellow Gold Ring is a special kind of stacked band with black diamonds set over in accents. This band is best if chosen to wear with a big center stone in black diamond comes most selected in our trending list.

13. Rose Gold | Rose Gold Halo Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

One of the best-going trends of our list in Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017 is the  Rose gold engagement rings, Rose Gold is now trending for good quality metals as well. This Gorgeous Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Gemone Diamonds will make you alive again.

14. Rose Gold | Rose Cut Rose Gold Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Simply say it is best with this engagement ring. Rose cut diamond is becoming trendy as well. Sparkling diamonds set over halo and shank give shine to this rose gold ring. The pink metal just looks admirable on everyone.

15. Rose Gold | Lotus Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends 2017


This Blooming Lotus Flower Engagement Ring is just fabulous. Can you imagine if you are wondering of rose gold and a flower together? Yes, this is it, a wonderful combination of Lotus Flower Design and Rose Gold Metal with Black Diamond. in the center. The design is in such shape as the lotus flower is about to bloom your magical life. White Diamonds sparkles over shank and bridge makes it look lively blooming.


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