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Brown Raw Diamonds Crystal Lot available in 5.00 carat. It comes with an excellent clarity with dark brown color. Hereby you can get a rough diamonds at the good price so you can afford this rough diamonds lot easily.

Diamond IdGD 2014TypeNatural Brown Crystal
Diamond ShapeUnevenCarat Weight5.00 Ct (Approx)
Diamond Size2-3mm (Approx)ColorSparkling Brown
LusterSparklingCertificationNot Applicable


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Product Description

Brown Raw Diamonds Crysta

What Are The Brown Raw Diamonds Crystal?

Let me explain, The brown raw diamonds crystal are the beauty of nature and they’re 100% natural. The collection reflects the natural beauty of rough diamonds in from color. The diamond variety of natural beauty that the diamonds exhibit is a wonder in itself.

The more shiner the stone, the more beautiful, and opulent one would appear. Brown Raw Diamonds crystal is not in shape of any particular form by a cutter and has not undergone any processing or polishing. The effect highlights are a natural shape and natural color of this diamond to appear as a regular stone.

If you are looking to buy a rough diamond for an engagement ring, then here are a few options for you. For this current generations, many brides to be, are on a lookout for a unique engagement rings. The raw diamond engagement ring that defines tradition. Brown Raw Diamonds Crystal could be a beautiful option for them. They are distinctive and organic looking giving one of a kind feeling.

If you want to know more information about rough diamonds and where they are being in use in uncut diamonds jewelry? Then you can check out our blog and the link in the given below.


Carat Weight

Brown Raw Diamonds Crystal carat weigh of are 5.00 carat, the approximate size of diamonds are 2–3mm. Because this small size of diamonds can set to fit easily in your uncut diamond jewelry. These brown color diamonds come with SI – I1 clarity and with a sparkling luster.


Raw round diamonds will have a feature of that cannot be cut, unlike the other rough diamonds. It comes with its own natural shape and cut.


Here, rough diamonds are available in many colors, such as blue crystal diamonds, grayish black crystal diamonds, black rough crystal diamonds, gray crystal diamonds to rare shades.

Uses of Crystal Diamonds?

How can you use this crystal diamonds in your Engagement Ring? Then I’ll suggest you, you can use these raw crystal diamonds as a center stone. The rough diamonds are really gorgeous, they create truly unique engagement rings. Also, you can use it for making your rough diamond jewelry, vintage diamond jewelry and any kind of raw diamond jewelry.

Where To You Buy Brown Diamonds Lot?

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