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VVS1 Clarity J Color Natural Loose Diamond that will make your diamond jewelry look marvelous at wholesale price.

Note: small size natural loose diamonds available at your customized sizes. These diamonds are not enhanced in any manner. Customized inquiry from jewelers & diamond dealers is most welcome.

Diamond IdGD 267Diamond TypeNATURAL
Diamond ShapeROUND BRILLIANTDiamond Size6.38 -6.41 MM * 3.91 MM (APPROX)
Number of Diamonds1 PIECEFluorescenceNONE
Carat Weight1.00 CTClarityVVS1


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Product Description

1 Carat Diamond

GIA certified 1 Carat diamond vvs1 clarity Natural Round Brilliant Cut Shape with J color from Gemone Diamonds For Sale.

What are the uses of diamonds?

This Diamond can perfectly suit in any of your customized diamond rings you wish to make. You can even set it in earrings, adorable pendants or pendants. This will surely worth being yours after all diamonds are girls best friends and it can be more than that.


Each of the diamond that we cut polish in our factory is Kimberly process certification scheme compliant. As a prominent loose natural diamonds producer, we invite you to bulk inquiry and another query.


The Brilliant Natural Diamond comes with wonderful and most demanding round brilliant cut shape. Symbolize almost 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to the mechanics of its shape, the round diamond is normally superior to fancy diamond shapes. At the flawless reflection of light increases auspicious brightness.

Round diamonds cost more on a per Carat basis than fancy shapes for two reasons. First, they want for Natural Diamonds in round brilliant cut is very high. The second income is mostly low.

Why high?

Because more of the rough stone vanishes in the cutting of a round diamond. The cost of each Carat gained is bigger. A superb round diamond may cost 25-35% more than a similar fancy shape.

Uses In Jewelry.

You can use this lot of diamonds in making fine Diamond jewelry such as diamond engagement rings, Diamond earrings, wedding rings, etc.

Why purchase from us?

We are the chief manufacturer of Diamonds from any color till any size you want, but here Carat will be limited as everything relies on the availability of the stock. A Diamond is Unique. We can give you doorstep home delivery and even provide you certified and noncertified diamonds as well.

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