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Loose Black Diamonds

S & P Diamonds

Black Diamonds are one in a kind, they have unique meanings of their own. Make your choice with Black Diamond as it's not an ordinary Diamond, it creates a special personality by having them in a wedding ring or engagement ring. Make a personal statement by customizing your own kind of Black Diamond Engagement Ring.

Get an amazing venture by customizing your own ring, we are here to help you with your own custom designs at the best possible price offered by Gemone. We guide and help you at each and every step of your purchase. Get your personalized design ready and tell your idea to you us and here we will make you the same.

At Gemone each and every piece of Black Diamond are 100% natural, so when you are buying from our store, you will be always satisfied with the untold beauty of Black Diamond.


Steps For Customizations

Step into a new style with Gemone Diamond by creating your own ring!

  1. Share your ideas and images by sharing your views regarding what kind of stone shape and ring style you want to create.
  2. Tell your ring size your budget, and the type of metal in which you want your magnifying Black Diamond Ring.
  3. after 2-3 weeks you will receive your own custom design Black Diamond Ring, which has been designed just for you!

Here, you can easily place your custom ring design order with such easy steps, Get your Dream Ring at your doorsteps as we deliver happiness worldwide!

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Frequently asked question

Are black diamonds real?

Yes! Black diamonds are real diamonds. Natural diamonds, Carbonados, and treated black diamonds are all found in nature, though they are extremely rare.

How to identify a black diamond?

A true black diamond never has a smooth surface. You can use a 10x loupe to examine the texture of the diamond.

How much are black diamonds worth?

The average cost of the diamond depends on whether it's treated or natural, here the treated diamond price starts at $200 while the natural diamond price ranges from $2,000.

How Do I Care For My Black Diamond?

Care for your black diamond the exact same way that you would care for any diamond. However, if you are cleaning your diamond at home, the best way to clean it would be with a gentle brush like a toothbrush, and a gentle soap like dishwashing liquid.

Do Black Diamonds Look Good as Jewelry?

Black diamonds look wonderful on jewelry and have been seen as the glowing centerpiece of jewelry for both men and women, from cufflinks to engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and necklaces.

Can I Wear a Black Diamond as My Engagement Ring?

You most surely can wear a black diamond as your engagement ring! The idea of colorless diamond engagement rings was popularized by the De Beers diamond corporation in the 1940s.

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customer reviews


Ashish does wonderful work and He was so helpful through the process of picking a salt & pepper diamond and a setting. The ring arrived promptly and is beautiful! I would definitely love to purchase more pieces in the future.


I purchased these beautiful medium gray salt and pepper diamonds a few months ago and just had to get another pair with dark gray diamonds! I love the sparkling salt and pepper diamonds still make them stand out. I'm a repeat customer of this shop, communication is always great and their salt and pepper diamonds are gorgeous!


You really went above and beyond to help me pick a pair of salt and pepper diamond that I would love. Very accessible through text and calls. Numerous comparison photos and videos were sent to help me make a choice and I ended up buying a pair that wasn’t even listed on the site through your assistance. I love them and they really do sparkle like a galaxy hence the term. Even the packaging is awesome. Highly recommended. Thanks again Sam!

Nile Smith

I ordered a customized version of salt & pepper diamond for existing ring and it’s perfect! It turned out exactly as expected. I received it so quickly. The best part is the amazing customer service experience. Zuber responded within minutes, offered a fair price and was accommodating. I felt like a valued customer. They seemed to really appreciate my purchase. Thank you so much for this special custom piece. It goes so well with my other ring. I will treasure it.

Create Your Own
Salt & Pepper Diamond

Our mission is to supply 100% Natural wide range of high-quality salt & Pepper loose Diamond at unmatched prices. We also offer Wholesale Prices for bulk orders. Please send us a Conversation with your requirements. We accept Custom Orders and Wholesale Orders. Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Why Buy From Gemone diamonds?

  • We are Bottom Manufacturer of Salt and Pepper diamonds.
  • We make them Round, Oval, Pear, Kite, Emerald, Marquise, Baguettes, and Geometric shape diamonds as per custom requirements.
  • We produce them from almost 0.01 ct to upto 10 carat or even mm sizes as per custom requirements.
  • We also make Customized Salt and pepper diamond ring & jewelry as per your parameters. and complete your customised requirements.
  • Why spend more with jewelers when we as diamond manufacturers can match the same quality at Discounted prices.

Hence, Salt and pepper diamonds throw out all conventional 4’C Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color grading parameters set by gemologists. Nowadays it's even at the increasing number of designer's websites, jewelry stores and even with celebrities. Gemone diamonds is the leading supplier of these diamonds. So for any customized diamonds, Contact us.

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