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The lower grade rough diamonds were once to be unusable due to their inclusions. Our Diamond cutters treat them as cast-offs as they cut away to clear crystals. Eventually, they were getting in use for their natural interest and beauty. So, diamond artisan began faceting and polishing of the imperfect rough diamonds into a unique shape which designers embraced. The imperfect nature of these diamonds has a sensual, understated appeal that leaves one speechless.

Gemone diamonds make the finest quality of these diamonds in a wide variety of shapes. Creating Round, pear, oval, emerald, rose cut, cushion shapes, and many more… These diamonds are available from 2Mm to 10Mm {0.03 ct. to 4.00ct } almost and according to which the price is charged. Generally, the price is charged from $80 per carat to $300 per carat. hence, it will be based on the clarity, shape, and size of the diamond you select.

Rustic diamonds are diamonds characterized by their abundance of inclusions, here the term rustic means originality, and also these diamonds are known as untouched diamonds. We create the Diamonds as per every individual need and requirement. Shape your love with Gemone Diamond and get what you want!

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