Diamond Shapes

The brilliant Round shape diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, representing approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. Check 1ct Diamond price chart

Due to the mechanics of its form, the round brilliant cut diamond is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes at the proper reflection of light maximizing possible brightness.

Round brilliant cut diamond cost more on a per carat basis than fancy shapes for two reasons; the demand for round-shape diamonds is so high, and the yield is relatively low. Because more of the rough stone vanishes in the cutting of a round cut diamond, for the price of each carat, the grip is higher.

A typical round diamond (For Eg: – a 1 carat, F-color, VS2-clarity, Ex cut) may cost 25-35% more than a similar fancy shape.

Nowadays the most classic and popular choice for jewelry is round brilliant cut. The round brilliant cut diamonds are commonly purchased to be set in diamond earrings, studs, solitaire pendants, for bracelets, necklaces or in engagement rings.

Round brilliant cut loose diamonds are popular as their 58 facets allow for light to reflect light out and make dazzling sparkle.

round diamond diameter

When we are selecting a loose round cut diamond, we recommend optimizing for cut, color as that is the clarity that determines how much sparkle the diamond has.

Check here fancy color round brilliant cut diamonds here.

The round brilliant diamonds have larger, more open facets. Some choose the look of these diamonds; however, they do not sparkle as intensely as brilliant-cut diamonds.

The style of round-shape diamond cutting is a bit older and was utilized more when diamonds were hand cut. Most retailers can find both types of diamonds for you, 4cs diamond guide will help to understand the diamond in best way.

Round Brilliant cut Diamond Rings

round diamond rings

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