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rose cut diamond solitaire

2.89 Carat Black Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire For Vintage Engagement Ring

sku GD 1719

$650.00 $549.10

Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire 2.89 Carat Black Diamond For Sale Online from Gemone Diamond. This black diamond comes with AA quality and opaque clarity. This black diamond solitaire will make your jewelry like engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelet and, earrings/men stud earrings.

product description

Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire

This is AA quality and beautiful rose cut diamond solitaire. This flower rose cut black diamond comes with opaque clarity and the excellent luster. Gemone Diamonds is a manufacturer of Black diamonds.

This black diamond is 100% natural jet black. This rose cut round brilliant cut black diamond is one of its kind. So if you are looking for a unique shape in black diamonds then this is the perfect choice for you. Rose cut also refers to a vintage collection. Also if you are looking for vintage old collection then this is the best to fit any vintage jewelry.

If you want to know more information about black diamonds so you can read our blog.

What is a Black Diamond?

Contents Of Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire

Rose cut diamond solitaire superb brilliant cut in black diamond. This comes with natural jet color and opaque clarity. It weighs 2.89 carat of rose cut in the black diamond. The size of the black diamond is 9.40 x 3.85 mm with excellent luster.

Why does the diamond jeweler and diamond seller want rose cut black diamond? This the perfect fit for any kind of jewelry with its gorgeous looks for daily wear.

Use of Black Diamond

Are you using to rose cut black diamond in your jewelry? So, This rose cut black diamond is the best diamond for your jewelry. The use of black diamonds is in any kind of jewelry, pendants, earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and bracelets.

Rose cut black diamonds are the best choice for your vintage jewelry collection. And especially this black diamond which is 2.89 carat is fit as a center stone of the vintage diamond engagement ring. Are you also into goth fashion and looking for some jet black and old fashion black diamond then this stone is the exact match for you.

Rose cut black diamonds are the first choice for the black diamond jewelry when it comes to the vintage jewelry collection.

Our Service

We offer our customers with jet black color in AA quality. Also, you won’t get a black diamond at this price anywhere else on the online store or any other supplier. We understand our customer needs and always obey their orders.


Are you looking customized size for the black diamond?  We offer personalization to our customers, who are looking for some change in this black diamond. So if you are looking for any customized request about diamonds? Then you can ask for email us or contact us.

As the leading black diamond manufacturer, we can make black diamonds of any shape, size, and quality you want.


We prefer the best doorstep delivery service and free shipping for our customers. We also offer fast shipping as per our customer required who need the delivery to be quick. So you can opt for fast shipping option while you put an order.

Diamond Id

GD 1719

Diamond Shape


Number of Diamonds


Carat Weight

2.89 CTs





Diamond Type


Diamond Size

9.40 x 3.85 mm









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