Radiant Cut Diamond Size Chart (MM)

Wondering what a 1 carat Radiant diamond looks link on a hand? Our Radiant diamond size chart will help you convert millimeter (mm) size to carat size for Radiant cut diamonds.

Radiant black diamond size chart

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Radiant Diamond Sizes

Radiant MM
Radiant Weight
Black Diamond ct
weight (Approx)
5×3 mm.0.310.40
4.5×3.5 mm.0.340.44
6×3 mm.0.410.53
6×4 mm.0.500.65
6.5×4.5 mm.0.751.00
7×5 mm.1.001.40
7.3×5.5 mm.1.251.80
7.5×5.8 mm.1.502.10
8×6 mm.2.002.80
8.5×6.5 mm.2.253.20
9×7 mm.2.503.50
9.5×7.5 mm.3.004.20
10×7 mm.3.314.70
Radiant MM
Radiant Weight
Black Diamond ct
weight (Approx)
10×8 mm.3.504.90
11×9 mm.5.057.10
12×9 mm.6.068.50
11.5×10 mm.6.459.10
13×9 mm.6.549.20
12×10 mm.6.799.60
14×10 mm.8.4711.90
13×11 mm.9.3313.10
13.5×11.5 mm.10.1914.30
15×11 mm.11.4816.10
14×12 mm.12.1417.00
16×12 mm.14.2220.00


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