Salt And Pepper Diamonds

                          Salt And Pepper Diamonds

What are Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

For many, these diamonds are completely a new kind of diamonds. They look more wild and flawed. And it is even far more unclear than normal loose diamonds. Usually, this diamond tends to be the color of a silky gray, white, gray, pale yellow and more colors. It is also often with the black and white in mix for good measure. Salt & pepper diamonds are now seen as the popular choice for the bride to be for their wild and unique look.

Hence, Salt and pepper diamonds throw out all conventional 4’C Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color grading parameters set by gemologists. Nowadays it’s even at the increasing number of Designers websites, jewelry stores and even with celebrities. Gemone diamonds is the leading supplier of Salt and pepper diamonds. So, we produce them in 2 mm to almost 9 mm in size from round, rose cuts, pear, oval, geometric shapes, and more variety. For any customized salt & Pepper diamonds, contact us.

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