2.70 to 3.40 mm size loose diamonds

2.60 mm to 3.30 mm loose diamonds

Below listed Diamonds are 2.60 mm to 3.30  mm size, the most perfect accent stones that you will set in your diamond jewelry pieces. Gemone Diamonds is a leading manufacturer of natural loose diamonds in calibrated sizes. Most people call them white diamonds because of its white color. But in reality, they are colorless. The most common use of these diamonds is in accent stone of the engagement rings and wedding rings. You can admire them also in petite diamond jewelry too. So if you are looking for such small stones in bulk online then you are in the perfect place. These diamonds are 100% natural without any enhancements. Each Calibrated natural diamond is of round brilliant cut with 57 facets. 2.60 mm to 3.30 mm loose diamonds lot comes in D to I color grade and VVS1 to I2 clarity grade. The price of these small sizes diamonds is noted while doing GIA quality grading Assortment of lots. Gemone Diamonds serves their customer with the doorstep delivery in terms of natural diamonds in a huge variety. If you have any bulk inquiries then anytime you can contact us for sure.

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