Black Diamonds Marquise Cut

Black Diamonds Marquise Cut 

Do you think about the diamond shape? What the shape of diamond you should buy? So I must say that the black diamonds marquise cut is the best. The marquise diamonds are a modified oval cut that has an oval shape with pointed ends. Both endpoints should align with each other. Marquise diamonds are long and narrow; they can also create the illusion of greater size. While many cut elements can make a marquise diamond undesirable. The marquise cut black diamonds elongated shape can make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer. Marquise Shape diamonds should be set with prongs to guard the two points. It’s the most famous and trendy cut in the diamond industry right now.

Marquise black diamonds are famous in fancy shapes. Most of the famous jewelry designer choose a marquise cut black diamonds because of its great demand. So what are you waiting for? Choose your Marquise cut in black diamonds from our Shop.

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You will find these fancy diamonds from size 5.10 mm to 14.00 mm in our store. If you want a bigger size than 14mm then we can make them for you just on a custom order basis. With the 2.00 to 5.00 mm, size marquise black stone one can use in tennis bracelets and diamond earrings. You can set over 5mm size marquise cut as the center stone of engagement rings or high-end jewelry.
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