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The brilliant Princess Cut Diamonds are the most popular fancy cut, especially for engagement rings. Just like round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a good choice for their flexibility in working in almost any style and type of rings.

The princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape. Typically there are in the shape of a perfect square but can also be found in a slightly rectangular shape. The princess cut diamonds are often purchased loose to be set in engagement rings or as a matching pair for earrings. The princess diamond also has 58 facets and sparkles are brilliant as a round diamond.

Other names for the princess diamond as a square brilliant cut and a rectangular modified square. When buying a princess diamond, pay special attention to the length to width ration, especially if you desire a diamond that is a perfect square. When setting a princess cut diamond, ensure that you take into consideration the delicate corners of a square diamond and pick the appropriate type of setting.

The Princess shape diamond for sale is the second-popular shape, due to its modern symmetries and stunning sparkle.

Princess cut diamonds jewelry also tends to have a somewhat lower price-per-carat than round cut diamonds. This is because the four-sided pyramid shape of the Princess cut diamond is equivalent to one-half of the octahedron rough stone from which a Princess diamond is cut.

If you think about What to know about diamonds? Then, I must say you should go for insight like checking carat for carat, the crown surface area of a princess shape is about 10% less than a same-weight round diamond. However, the corner to corner measure of a princess cut is commonly 15% greater than the diameter of a same-weight round diamond, creating the illusion of greater size.

The Princess shape diamond has pointed 45-degree corners and is squarish in shape. One of the unique things in princess-cut diamonds is that it can vary in any square or rectangular shape. This is the fact due to improving the yield in the polish weight. Here is the length to width ratios for Princess Cut diamond shapes.
While choosing Princess diamond for the jewelry, always go for the square shape. Look for the length to width ratios between 1.00 and 1.05. If you prefer more of a rectangular shape to fit in your jewelry choose for length to width ratios more than 1.10. For the most brilliant princess available, check out Gemone diamonds certified diamonds page.

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