Ultimate Guide to What is Princess cut Diamond?

Due to increasing popularity and affordable price, many people have raised a question to us What is a Princess Cut Diamond? so here we are answering it.

Princess Cut Diamond is gaining popularity in the diamond world and especially when it comes to popularity it has shown remarkable consistency it might have risen a question in your mind What is a Princess Cut Diamond? After the Round-Cut Diamond, Princess Cut Diamond has been chosen by most couples for their Engagement Ring. They are a good choice for Engagement purposes.  Here, Princess Shape Diamond is relatively low in price than Round-Cut Diamonds.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond? 

Princess Cut Diamond can be referred to as a square diamond; it has a pyramid shape showcasing the contemporary cut, with angular, strong lines, with four beveled sides. It was invented in 1980 by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz.

Diamond ShapesIt’s a good choice as it shows flexibility in working and suits almost all ring styles. This traditionally square diamond offers excellent fire and brilliance among them.

You can also find the rectangle Princess Cut Diamonds, but they are not desirable because they lack brilliance. Princess-cut with the ideal cut and best quality makes a timeless classic Diamond Engagement Ring.

The Princess-Cut with: I color, VS2 clarity, and a Perfect Cut costs $3,500 on average.


Key Features of the Princess-cut diamond

  • They are the second most popular choice for earrings and engagement rings.
  • They are square-shaped diamonds reflecting the best brilliance.
  • Contains Two to Four Chevron patterns.
  • They have less cost per carat than the round-cut diamond.
  • As they hide the inclusions but inclusions in the corners can make the diamond more liable to chipping, clarity is more important than color.

How many facets does a Princess Cut Diamonds have?

Princess Cut Diamonds have normally 50 facets although most have around the ‘gold standard of 58 facets- 4 on the girdle, 21 on the crown, and 33 on the pavilion. Thereby they appear less fiery than the round diamond. Mostly the facets are on the crown area and pavilion with a few girdles on. They have Two, Three, or Four Chevron patterns which are cross designs that you see from the top of the diamond.


Make sure that when you are looking for Princess-Cut Diamonds check whether it offers the best fire and brilliance from it.  When buying a Princess Diamond, pay special attention to the length-to-width ratio, especially if you desire a diamond that is a perfect square. When setting a princess-cut diamond, ensure that you take into concern the soothing corners of a square diamond and pick the suitable type of setting.

Popular among Engagement Ring

The Princess Cut Diamonds are often bought loose to be set in engagement rings or as a matching pair of earrings. As the second most popular shape, there are multiple styles of sets designed for the Princess Cut giving you much more options than you might have. Because of its pointed corners, a Princess Cut Diamond requires a four-claw setting control chipping.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


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Here, more and more individuals are selecting the Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring over the round-cut diamond. The Princess Cut is becoming the second most famous diamond over the round brilliant cut diamond, as the research says most people are going for the Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for the mesmerizing look and sparkling glance. This Diamond structure is formed from the rough diamond; now imagine cutting that piece of rough in two down the middle. What you’d be left with, basically, are two princess cuts!

Price of the princess cut diamond

When it comes to prices, princess-cut diamonds generally cost less per carat resembled to round diamonds. This is because a princess-cut diamond uses a rough diamond more efficiently during the polishing process. Other than that, there are also other factors (4c’s) that affect the price of the diamond.

When choosing Princess diamonds for jewelry, always go for the square shape. Look for the length-to-width ratios between 1.00 and 1.05. If you choose more of a rectangular shape to fit in your jewelry choose a length-to-width ratio of more than 1.10. For the most brilliant princess available, check out Gemone diamonds certified diamonds page.

If you don’t know much about diamonds then I would suggest you check this blog “Diamond Education 4 Cs” and get more facts about diamonds and their carat, cuts, and their color grade. However, the corner-to-corner dimensions of a princess cut are normally 15% greater than the diameter of a same-weight round diamond, creating the illusion of greater size

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