What Is The Natural Diamond Price Of 1 Carat?

What is the natural diamond price of 1 carat?

carat diamond price
diamond price

How is the exact price of 1 Carat weight of Natural diamond measured?

There is a number of parameters that determine the natural white diamond price of 1 carat. Take diamond buying advise from Gemone Diamond’s expert.

Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity are the universal language of diamond parameters. However, 4 C’s are an Old definition now.

1 Carat weight D color IF clarity diamond with triple excellent cut price would be quite different than 1 carat E color Vvs1 clarity diamond.

However, the Diamond price depends on many more parameters than the 4 C’s like cut, clarity, carat, and color. To understand this, we need to add so many other parameters.

Other parameters that affect the price of 1 Carat weight of Natural diamond:

Certification: Prices for certified diamonds per carat are different than those of non-certified stones. They are also different from the prices of the same quality GIA and IGI and even EGL certified diamonds.

Demand: The quality of diamonds, size and more features that are in demand in local and international markets determine the price.

Rapaport: Rapaport is the authority that commands the supreme powers to decide the Certified Polished Diamond Price. Prevailing discount rates offered in the market are also an important parameter. This is one of the parameters the Rapaport decide to take into account with major diamond markets.

Buyer & Sellers Need/Urgency/Margins: The individual demand by diamond buyers and diamond sellers is a factor. Their capacity for holding diamonds/ margins/their need for money is an important parameter for the international market.

Terms: Diamond trade-in India mostly happens on a Cash and Credit basis. When diamonds are sold on a Credit basis, the price will be more taking upward in calculation value and interest for the diamonds.

Rough Diamond Price Index: DeBeers Used to control rough diamond prices. But now DeBeers control has loosened up drastically. This is because Canadian, Russian and Australian companies are giving them tough competition in Diamond mining.

Festivals & Celebrations: During Valentine’s Day, christening, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, there is a jump in demand and so the prices rise.

Present Economic Scenario: the Present economy condition of a country, its growth (if good then the Demand rises), and so on, is the buying power of customers rises.

This is just a shortlist of the basic parameters, which define the 1 Carat diamond price. There are many micro and macro parameters as well, in addition to the consideration of buying natural diamonds offline and online.

Diamond Carat Explained

There is plenty of talk about the quality of the diamond in terms of the 4C’s. While clarity, cut and color are as important to your diamond’s appearance and how much it’s worth it, the diamond’s carat will determine the real’ Wow’ of the Jewelry you want to wear!

The Carat and the Jewelry Effect

So what’s the diamond carat? A diamond’s carat describes your diamond’s weight. A diamond, weighing 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams, has a ct abbreviation.

Why weigh diamonds and not measuring physical size?

It may sound obvious, but the greater the carat you have, the greater the weight of the diamond will be. But this doesn’t apply to all cases. You can sometimes have a small, but dense diamond which has a much higher carat than larger stones. The greater the weight of the carat, the rarer a diamond is.

How does the diamond carat affect its price?

The higher the weight of the carat is, the rarer the diamond is. Hence, the higher the price becomes. A single – carat diamond is going to cost more than 2 diamonds each 0.5 Carat, but much less than a single 2-carat diamond. That is if we assume that for each stone, all other qualities, such as cut, clarity, and color, are the same.


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