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5 CT (2.30 – 2.70 mm) I1/2 Clarity G/H Color Natural Diamonds Price White Loose Round Brilliant Lot

sku GD 1334

$5,244.07 $3,608.57

5.00 ct lot of (2.30 – 2.70 mm) I1/2 clarity G/H color natural loose diamond round brilliant cut direct from bottom diamonds manufacturer. You will get approx 70 – 95 pcs out of diamond lot shown in the picture.

Note: Small size natural loose diamonds available at your customized sizes. these diamonds are not enhanced in any manner. Customized inquiry from jewelers & diamond dealers is most welcome.

product description

Natural Diamonds Price

5 ct (2.30 – 2.70 mm) I1/2 clarity G/H Color Natural Diamonds Price White Loose Round Brilliant Lot. Finest quality Natural Diamond White round brilliant cut white color for fine jewelry direct from the manufacturer. We are one of the largest manufacturers of natural loose diamonds in India.

The Brilliant Natural White Loose Diamonds Round Brilliant Lot is the most popular diamond shape. Representing almost 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to the demand of its shape, the round diamond is normally superior to fancy diamond shapes. At the proper reflection of light maximizes promising brightness.

Round diamonds cost more on a per carat basis than fancy shapes for two reasons. First, they want for Natural White Loose Melee Diamonds Round Brilliant Lot is very high. The second yield is relatively low.

What are the uses of diamonds?

These beautiful loose diamonds have the finest round brilliant cut with 57 facets. These diamonds are finest to use in all kind of fine jewelry including vintage engagement rings, eternity ring, solitaire pendants, tennis bracelet, and other jewelry articles. Each Natural White Loose Diamonds Round Brilliant Lot you buy have got their existence from South Africa.

You can use this lot of diamonds in making fine jewelry such as diamond earrings, Mens jewelry, hip hop jewelry, etc.


Each of the diamond that we cut and polish in our factory by Kimberly process certification scheme compliant. As a leading natural loose diamonds producer, we invite you for bulk inquiry and another query.

We use the finest technology to craft this brilliant pieces out of raw diamonds. These diamonds are not enhanced or coated in any manner. You can check it with GIA lab near you or any gemmologist expert once you buy from us.

Because more of the rough stone is vanishes in the cutting of a round diamond. The cost of each carat retained is higher. A typical round diamond may cost 25-35% more than a similar fancy shape.

Why Buy From Us?

We are leading manufacturer of Diamonds from any color till any size you want, but here carat will be limited as everything depends on the availability of the product. Which is a diamond and is rare. We can give you doorstep delivery and even provide you certified and non-certified diamonds as well.


We provide the best delivery service for quality products to the doorstep in 30 days with free shipping. If you want to urgent shipment then we will give you fast shipment

Diamond IdGD 1334Diamond TypeNATURAL
Diamond ShapeROUND BRILLIANTDiamond Size2.30 - 2.70 MM (APPROX)
Number of Diamonds70 - 95 (APPROX)LusterSPARKLING
Carat Weight5.00 CTClarityI1/2
TreatmentNONECertificationNOT APPLICABLE

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