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Gemone Diamonds offers an assortment of Melee diamonds for sale. These unique elegant pieces, offered at the best prices are the right size to be included in your masterpiece as accent pieces. They are small enough for you to include a number of them yet gorgeous enough to be noticeable and make the difference you are looking for.

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These small diamonds for jewellery making can be included in a variety of designs and make the perfect opportunity for creating custom pieces. Regardless of your design, these small diamonds on sale can be added onto the intricate piece to add sparkle and fire and prove the overall mesmerizing look.

Our collection of Melee diamonds for sale features authentic natural diamonds, cut and polished to the highest standards. We at Gemone, share in your vision and your unique journey to create the most mesmerizing jewellery pieces. That’s why we commit to providing you with the best quality melee stones, in the numbers you desire as per your tolerance and at favourable price points to ensure you consistently dream and create.

We draw our attention to the best quality and finest small diamonds on sale from our years of experience serving clients with high tastes and stature. Gemone embraces integrity at the core and does not deal in rejects or Impostors. Each Melee diamond on sale from our counter has been inspected and verified to be of the best quality and the right standard for your design.

It has also been practically used as part of our collection of great jewellery making it into the jewellery boxes of many around the world. You have seen the ‘iced’ jewellery online, dreamt of creating your own exceptional pieces, and put in the work to make the design. Let’s furnish the remnant small diamond pieces and feed your creative diamond jewellery design juices before they run out.

Sometimes the best inspiration only strikes once.

With us, you get more than the best small diamonds on sale, more than just prompt and exceptional service, you get value and belief in your designs.

Find the best Melee diamonds for sale here.

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