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5.00 Carat AA Quality Loose Rose Cut Black Diamond For Engagement Rings

sku GD 121

$1,005.00 $910.00

This is 5.00 Carat AA quality rose cut natural black diamond that will make your Engagement & wedding ring, bands, bangles, earrings etc look marvelous at wholesale price.

Note: AAA Quality means it does not have any knicks/scratches or pots that are visible to naked eye.AA quality has very light nicks/scratches or pots that are visible to naked eye. A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that are easily visible to naked eye.

product description

Loose Rose Cut Black Diamond

5.00 Carat AA quality Loose Rose Cut Black Diamond for engagement rings and wedding rings from the diamond manufacturer.

Natural Black Diamond fancy shape are trending modern day fashion and jewelry world. The color black is famous worldwide and with the growing trend, the demand for black diamond has grown largely.

Wanna know more about Black Diamonds you can refer to our black diamonds blog below.

What is a Black Diamond?

Contents of rose cut black diamond

The 5.00 Carat loose rose cut black diamond is 100% natural. The diamond comes with the brilliant cut and excellent luster. Also, the diamond comes with opaque clarity and jet black color. The diamond has the finest AA quality.

Use of Black Diamond

The most trendy gemstone in Jewelry world is Black Diamonds. Black diamonds are used in Wedding rings, Promise rings, Pendants, Earrings, and Bracelets, Antique Engagement Rings have increased in past days.

Are you running a small jewelry shop and want to buy black diamonds online then you are just in the right place. Here you will get from a single piece to a lot.

This 5.00 Carat fancy shape rose cut diamond can be the perfect choice if set as center stone of any kind of a ring. It will match up with the latest style vintage ring too. You can check our black diamond blog to know more about black diamonds and know about its characteristics and uses.

Our Service

Gemone Diamonds supplies Black Diamonds at a very low-cost price than any other black diamond dealers online.


We offer you with personalization facility for black diamonds, Like if you are wishing for any change in color, shape, size or quality of black diamonds then we will definitely provide you with that. You can email or contact us directly.

Diamond Id GD 121 Diamond Type NATURAL
Diamond Shape ROSE CUT Diamond Size --
Number of Diamonds 1 Luster EXCELLENT
Carat Weight 5.00 CT Clarity OPAQUE


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