Fine Diamond Jewelry Trends 2019 August 25, 2016 Ashish Sukhadiya

Fine Diamond Jewelry Trends 2019


Fine Diamond Jewelry Trends 2019

Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Trends

What to look for and what to wear this year

This year Jewelry Trends look for industrial influences and chains in apparel and jewelry, new directions for earrings, bracelets you can adjust for the perfect look and fit, natural motifs and horizontal bars and forms in necklaces and bracelets.

Chains of love

Starting on red carpets and runway shows, dresses, and tops featuring chain embellishments are straining down into the stores and sites. If you’ve got chains on your clothing, opt for something different in your jewelry buying trends. Think in opposites.

With, say, a black top with shiny white metal chain shoulder straps, contrast the toughness of the chains of something more traditionally feminine and soft. A string of pearls in white, black or other colors can create a compelling contrast. If you want to let the chain straps or neckline stand on their own, pearl drop earrings or metal hoop earrings in a contrasting color will complete your look.

Jewelry Trends

Get a bold large or woven chain or a layer of smaller chains for trendy additions to your jewelry wardrobe. Ladies shop in the men’s selection of necklaces for better looks. Mix large and small chains with different lengths. Try mixing a small-link chain in a longer adorned length with a pendant and a shorter chunkier necklace.

Earring directions

Two earring types are dominating the Jewelry Trends this year. Threaders hang loose and languid, while climbers go in the opposite direction — up the ear with defined shapes.

direction earrings

A threader is usually delicate and slim, with equal design attention paid to each side of the earring — and ear. They can be simple fine chains, often with a solid metal arch hanging in the piercing of your ear, or a solid elongated U-shape. You’ll find them with geometric designs on either or both ends, or with gemstones and diamonds dangling from the end.

climber earrings

A climber sits in the pierced hole and brings the design up to follow the curve of your ear. Look for styles with geometric metal details or those set with gemstones or diamonds.

Adjustable bracelets

You may find jewelry trends around the world with adjustable styles called by other names, like expandable, bolo or lariat. Some have a fixed circular shape, like a bangle, but the diameter expands to slip over your hand and then snugs down on your wrist.

A bolo or lariat is typically made of a small chain with sliding clasp. The ends of the chain then hang free. Bolos and lariats can have a bar or hold beads or charms.

adjustable bracelets

Adjustable bracelets are great for anyone but are especially useful for people with large hands and small wrists — if a bangle fits over their hands, it’s uncomfortably loose on their wrists. They’re also perfect for stacking or layering — new jewelry trends at stores that show no signs of stopping soon.

Long and Strong

horizontal diamond necklace

The horizontal jewelry trends — straight or curved bars in necklaces and bracelets — carry over from 2015 and just seem to be getting stronger. But now the bars are also evolving into different shapes, sending messages about love or spirituality — Infinity symbols and crosses look fresh and sophisticated when seen sideways.

Yellow Gold

This year’s gold is making an enormous comeback. Your favorite celebrities are decorated with versatile yellow gold jewelries. We saw a great deal of necklace layers at NY Fashion Week!

That is a trendy style which makes an irresistible and fun outfit. This look makes you creative and represents your personality with any outfit.

Oval Diamonds

In the bridal world the oval diamonds are increasing daily! Oval diamonds have been up in the past few years and are not yet slowing.

Princess diamonds have been holding the one of the primary spots for the most well-known trend for years. Recently, this spot was taken over by oval diamonds that cut off the princess ones to the following position.

Big and Bold Hoop Earrings

A trend we all love! Designers took this trend to fashion week in Paris with the addition of pearls and fun decorations.

Celestial jewelry

Celestial jewelries have been like the Moon and the stars this year. In 2019, it will be a major trend. This look can be found on the model podium and on the internet. It can be implemented in all sorts of jewelry, but is most popular among necklaces.

Coin Jewelry

Coin Jewelry did a sprinkle in 2019. The look combines ancient and contemporary trends. You can wear our old Roman coins into a new, customized setting in 2019. To spice it up, add diamonds and gemstones.

Bracelets and charms!

Charming bracelets can be customized to your style. Add bracelets and charms to create unique fashion statements and follow the Jewelry Trends in 2019. This adds color to the your daily life style.

Whatever personal taste may be in diamond jewelry, for this year, there is a splendid array of Jewelries to choose from. There is a style to suit every lifestyle and budget within the above-mentioned trends. Buying jewelry from online stores today can be fun, engaging and cheaper.


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