Icy diamonds explained: A Different Diamonds For Jewelry?

The icy diamond was identified by one of the famous jewelry designers as a diamond is of internal impurities, and tends to look like an ice cube. Here, it’s a unique diamond that everybody wants to have in their regular life. The appearance of the Icy Diamond and Cloudy Diamond are near to the same, the little difference is cloudy diamond appears foggy owing to microscopic inclusions within the stone. The other name of Cloudy diamond is milky diamond. Their small inclusions clustered together causes the diamond to peek hazy, sluggish, and dull.

Icy Diamonds Explained

In our Icy Diamonds Explained blog post, let’s learn about Icy Diamonds and what they actually are.

Are icy diamonds industrial diamonds or color-enhanced diamonds? The Answer Is Quick and A Big No. They are 100% natural icy diamonds available in their purest form out of the Earth’s crust. The cutting and polishing of those diamonds are the same as their white diamond counterparts.

icy diamond explained

Well, those diamonds are heavy inclusion diamonds or diamonds full of impurities. These impurities and heavy inclusions give them unique colors. And that is the prime reason why they are more often opaque in clarity. Despite all these impurities and varied colors, they have their own charm. They are unique and more often you will find them within many collections of jewelry.icy diamond explained

Icy diamond is a relatively recent variety of diamonds that emerged lately. People have icy diamonds explained differently though; Icy, uncut, rough diamonds, specimen grade, industrial, cloudy, rustic diamonds, decorative industrial, loose icy diamonds, or just a plain bort – you can call them whatever you want, but the important thing to know is they are gaining popularity right now.

icy diamond explained

More on Icy Diamonds Explained

The introduction of black diamonds in the late nineties has made cocktail jewelry very famous. The Black Diamond is even finding its place among many Hollywood celebrities, while the same goes for Swiss watches. And now the introduction of Icy diamonds has the potential to follow the trail of black diamonds. Who may ever know what will happen? It all depends on how the jeweler uses it.icy diamond explained

Icy diamonds, unlike white loose diamonds, are not an excellent cut, they are made mainly in a pear shape, round shape, oval shape, and fancy rose cut shapes. As an icy diamond manufacturer, we have sizes from 0.30 ct to nearly 5 ct. Our icy diamond comes available in cloudy white, yellow, gray, red-brown, light yellow, and other colors. Jewelers also use them in combinations with lower-quality white diamonds.

Icy diamonds explained

Icy diamonds or rustic are frequently used in combination with many gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald. We often use them in single stone jewelry, together with either 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. The artistic pattern makes the ring look beautiful. We also use icy diamonds in diamond earrings, diamond pendants, and diamond bracelets.


I would say we derive Natural Icy out of Rough diamond borts. And they are not the main product for any diamond manufacturer, but a side product. We manufacture black diamonds; to create them, we need filled diamonds. If the specific rough diamond is empty or doesn’t reflect light or fire, we do not use it for a black diamond, however, it goes into making and just rests as it is. In these cases, we do not do a black color enhancement on it.icy diamond explained

The apparent reason is, as a pure grade, this icy diamond looks unique (too much), and will offer us a greater price than if it would have been changed into a black diamond.

Why Icy Diamond?

Icy diamonds explained

> Because the manufacturing price of these diamonds is very much lower-priced, compared to their White counterparts or even black diamonds.

> They are given their shape with the use of industrial rough diamonds or borts, hence the price is lower.

> Do you like antique engagement rings? Do you like wearing classic old and different looks? This is such an option for these.

> Icy diamonds are available in many different colors, sizes, and quality grades. As a diamond manufacturer, we can make and design any shape, size, and color diamond depending on the rough’s availability.

So, the tendency has started to make us look at little icy diamond-like gems. Some jewelers have carved a niche out by using this diamond even as their USP. Let’s see what future they hold.

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