A Guide to Buying Diamond Earrings

Are you looking for Buying diamond earrings?  Do you want to wear it for regular use or for a few occasion. What size earrings do you use?  What earrings suit you best? What kind of budget have you set for buying this jewelry? Should you buy it online or at nearby jewelry stores? this kind of many questions comes to your mind while buying diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings are among the best investment jewelry items on can own because they are elegant, simple, and worn on almost all occasions. When shopping for diamond earrings, therefore, you should know what you are looking for.

This article outlines everything you need to know before buying your future heirloom- your diamond earrings.

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Choosing diamond earrings can be difficult, but you can narrow down and find out what is crucial for you.

Do you want to get your diamond earrings from an iconic brand like Harry Winston?
Do you have a budget?
Are you looking for a particular design?
Are you looking for earrings made from a particular metal?
Are vintage diamond earrings your go-to earrings?

If you answer these questions, you will have narrowed down the myriad of choosing your diamond earrings.

When considering the size of diamond earrings, consider your taste and cost. The cost will help you balance between the 4Cs while personal preference will help you determine the setting, cut, and color. Some Poole would like minimalistic earrings while others would go for big diamond earrings.


If you are shopping for your diamond earrings online, always remember that the total carat weight listed both earrings’ combined value. If you want to have 1-carat diamond earrings, you will have two 0.5 carat diamond earrings. Also, it is essential to note that diamond earrings with heavier carat weight have easily noticeable flaws.

Unlike diamond rings, which require much consideration when looking at the clarity and color, diamond earrings do not need so much attention to these. People will rarely have an up-close look at the stone used to make your diamond earrings, which many do to diamond rings. Also, if you have long hair, it can obscure your diamond earrings.

Clarity measures what is included in the diamond earrings. Diamond earrings with higher clarity grades are clearer. However, the transparency does not translate to the degree of sparkling of a diamond.

When considering the color to choose for your diamond earrings, you can look at it in two ways; the colorless scale and the diamond’s actual color. The colorless scale applies to colorless diamonds, and it refers to the colors given to diamond earrings to indicate the hues on the stone. Like clarity, it would be best if you did not go for diamond earrings, which are at the top of the scale.

The actual color of the diamond can also be considered when purchasing diamond earrings. Diamonds with fancy colors are currently loved by many. In addition to white diamonds, you can also choose other colors like yellow, pink, white, brown, and champagne. If you want to add some personality to your studs, go for colored stones.


Also, don’t dwell so much on the grading of the diamonds. The grading confirms the properties of the diamonds. Perhaps what you would pay attention to instead of the grading are the unsightly tints and visible inclusions that rip the stone off their beauty.

The most common classic cuts you will encounter in diamond earrings are round solitaire and princess. These two styles are trendy, and you can, therefore, find them in all diamond earrings shops.

However, there are other diamond earrings cuts available like circular and square cuts. These two are symmetrical from all positions, and jewelers can easily match similar stones. Further cuts like marquise, pear, oval, or heart cuts can only be worn in one place. This can be uncomfortable since you will keep wondering whether the earring has rotated. It is also difficult for jewelers to find stones with the same cuts since they are hard to cut and are in less demand.

When considering the setting of your diamond earrings, consider your taste, the diamond’s appearance, and the safety of the stone. The ground is the part of the diamond earrings that holds the diamond. There are two standard settings for diamond earrings; prong settings and bezel settings.


Prong settings have around four claws to hold the diamond securely on the earring. Prong settings make the diamond look higher because there is no metal surrounding the stone, and the stone is more prone to becoming damaged or falling out.
Bezel settings have a metal band that entirely or partially surrounds the diamond hence securely holding the diamond. If your priority is safety, you could go for bezel settings. However, bezel settings make the diamond look smaller by preventing their visibility.

Besides prong and bezel settings, there are other setting shapes to consider like martini style settings, basket style settings, and crown style settings. If you are looking for the bese earring for the next occasion diamond hoop earrings is the best choice for you.

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  1. Ashish sukhidya

    Mr. Ashish, can you give me suggestions for an earring?
    I want a white diamond 1 ct stud earring and I am confused between rose gold and white gold
    Now please give me advice on what is best for me?

    1. Ashish sukhidya

      I Think both are superb.
      But, If i want to choose one in between Rose Gold or White Gold than i prefer Rose Gold. because, the diamond color is white.
      That’s my opinion.

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