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One thing we at Gemonediamond can tell you with full certainty is that earrings are always in fashion. Whether it be little studs or the bold hoop earrings, gold earrings or even the elegant but trendy dangly earrings, they’re always in with the latest fashion. This is why we make sure that we always have the most graceful pieces of ear jewellery you can get. And so we introduce; our one carat Gold Earrings! The only thing up to date jewellery needs is a bit more gold!

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Our luxurious gold earrings, with diamond incorporated in the mix- fall in the reasonable range of three hundred to even three thousand dollars. We have everything for everybody! And we make sure that it’s an investment that you won’t ever regret. We offer hoops, studs and dangly earrings, all of which is of the utmost finest quality. We offer white, yellow and rose gold earrings all one carat, and all of which have their unique elegance which we hope to put to proper use.

We are sure to provide you with the best possible customer service, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! We give our customers the freedom to be able to customize their jewellery and make it special. All you have to do is tell us and we’ll make your design come to reality! This can include the material used or designs.

We also provide our goods at the most reasonable price so that you don’t have to sell your kidney just to buy a small piece of jewellery. It also applies to our gold earrings.  On top of that, we offer a secure PayPal payment and free shipping so that you can trust us with more than just jewellery.

Our website is also designed to cater to your every question and need or you can come by our shop, located in New Jersey, United States of America, where we will treat you with the highest respect and provide answers to your every question. Our customers also leave reviews of our products which you can look at to decide whether to buy from us or not, but a little spoiler alert, you will end up buying anyway. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy our gold earrings!

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