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Buy GH diamonds from us as we have been working in the diamond industry from 1967, we’ve managed to build a chain of loyal customers who have always appreciated Gem One on the basis of our integrity, authenticity, and honesty. We believe in building cordial relations with our customers which are based on trust. This is the reason for our growing popularity among our clients. We’ll never disappoint when it comes to buying the perfect GH diamonds at the best prices.

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Look at our brilliantly cut diamond collection that offers diamonds to clients in small size in lots. Whether you're looking for diamonds to embellish your all fine jewelry, or you want to embed it onto your accessories to increase their worth, we've got the perfect diamonds for you! We understand how clients want to embellish their rings, earring, pendant, bracelet, beads and wedding dresses with these dazzling beauties to not only increase their worth, but also increase the grace of the dress, making it look even more elegant. As for jewelry, we know how much customers like to flaunt their jewelry, and what's the best way of showing off your wealth? By adding GH diamonds to your accessories! This is why our range of 'lot' diamonds has been specifically designed keeping dress designers, and jewelry designers in mind. Their unique shape and design makes them perfect for the embellishment of accessories or dresses.

Shop our exclusive range of the most dazzling GH diamonds sold in lots. We've got various designs ranging from the classic round cut brilliant diamonds, to the more intricate color brilliant cut diamonds. We have also got 1 Ct VVS diamond lot in round brilliant cut, and the clarity round brilliant cut diamonds just for you! So hurry up and get your hands on your favorite pieces now before they run out!

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