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Hello guys, I am a team member, Not a blogger yet, but I would write this blog as I would like to share my experience with a company that I work in. Gemone Diamonds, a regional famous and a major exporter of Black Diamonds and Raw Uncut Diamonds to the Western World and locals over here in India.

Introduction To Gemone Diamonds

Gemone Diamonds

So, basically, I will first explain why I chose the diamond industry. I am a commerce student and I had zero knowledge about diamonds and what it actually is until I joined this company. But I was very much attracted To the Diamond Industry, as it boosted many peoples’ lives. Surat, as we know is the major hub of diamond polishing and cutting.

Around 90% of the world’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing happens here. Exports of 90% of the total diamond cutting in the world. This is the very first reason why I chose this city to work in.


So, I joined this company at the beginning of 2013, and then I was very unfamiliar with what diamonds are, how they were made and what I was going to learn ahead. Though, after 3 years of working I am very happy, I chose this industry and field of work. I will tell you what this company does and what its specialty is.

Gemone Diamonds is the prominent manufacturer of Loose Diamonds, Natural Raw Uncut Diamond Beads, Loose Gemstones, Surat Loose Diamonds, Natural Rough Uncut Diamond, Black Diamonds Beads and much more. Gemone Diamonds exports and trades worldwide.

Majorly, they export to the USA, China, Thailand, and Europe. They are growing slowly and reaching other parts of the world too. Their source of diamonds in Africa, while every diamond is cut using the latest cutting and polishing methods. The most advanced technology is used for the cutting and polishing of Diamonds.

Rough Diamonds


Now I will come to complete another part of this company review. Not only do they produce Rough Diamonds, but also Rough Diamond Jewelry. Their Unique collection is even more surprising, while Rough Diamonds are the new trend in the jewelry world. The purity and touch of the rough diamond make the look of any jewelry much natural and extraordinarily beautiful.

Black Diamonds

Gemone Diamonds

The Jewelry Store of Gemone Diamonds is mostly filled with Black Diamonds and Black Diamond Jewelry. Black Diamonds have gained immense popularity in the past few years. As we can say Black is elegant. But is it just a lump of coal? Naah! it’s something which will truly light up your attire. If you visit their website, then you will see for yourself, it is a true heaven for black diamond lovers. Black diamonds are real genuine diamonds.

Color Diamonds

Gemone Diamonds

Also, Gemone Diamonds have a collection of color diamonds, which is amazing; every color is rare and unique. Since every color is unique, you may have to empty your pockets for it. However, in return, you will earn something precious and extravagant, for which you have to pay much more, in any other place.


Gemone Diamonds

Gemone Diamonds also deals with gemstones such as ruby, emerald, Tanzanite, sapphire, pearl, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline, and Peridot. Gemstone Rings made of these are yet another amazing collection they have.

Among Their Gemstone Rings Collection, This Sapphire Ring Is One Of My Favorite

Gemone Diamonds


So, now I will talk about their Collection of Jewelry. Gemone Diamonds have an extraordinary collection of certified black diamond engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, birthstone rings, diamond earrings, diamond braceletsdiamond pendants, Men’s Jewelry, and Hip Hop Jewelry. The very first thing that comes under this is purity and quality.

I am a fashion lover and I simply loved this Gorgeous Reflection Ring From Their Engagement Ring Collection.

Gemone Diamonds.

Personally, I can say that only the highest quality of premium diamonds and gemstones are offered to their customers. Their jewelry designs are made in a walk with the latest fashions and trends; and obviously, what their customers want. All their jewelry is made with the finest 14K Gold. So purity and quality are the best and keeping the highest standard. However, they also offer cheaper diamonds with lower quality that is completely worth it, so you can also get cheaper quality diamonds if you want it.

What I Liked.

If you ask me what’s their specialty, then here we go. Gemone Diamonds have in their Collection one of My Favorite Certified Black Diamond Engagement Rings, “The Chevron Ring”, which was worn by Rihanna. It is totally accented with black diamonds in a chevron shape and plated in black rhodium. All crafted in 14K White Gold.

Rihanna Chevron RingGemone Diamonds

There are also Infinity rings which can give and add a complete meaning to your purpose.

 Black Diamond Infinity Ring

Gemone Diamonds

Fashionable Rings

Fashionable Rings can catch everyone’s eyes. I also noticed that most Rings are nature-inspired and well crafted with natural diamonds. Don’t be surprised that I already said this website is heaven for Black Diamonds online. Gemone Diamonds manufacture Black Diamonds much more than any other company does.

                        Black Diamond Open Wing RingGemone Diamonds

If you want to know what black diamonds are you can also check their blog related to black diamonds here “Buying Natural Black Diamonds Online: Things To Look For”. I will tell you, in my perspective, what Black Diamonds are in one word. They are unique. The color is much more attractive, especially for the Imma black color lovers. For me, Black Diamonds are the best.

What’s more, Gemone Diamonds offer their diamonds to you way cheaper than any other diamond company. I can guarantee you, if you check and compare their price list of black diamonds to any other website, you will get to know this on your own.

Gemone Diamonds Offer Customized Jewelry

Gemone Diamonds are here to serve you like they always have, so it’s totally up to you what kind of Jewelry you want to make and what kind of gift you want to give to someone. They will make any Jewelry according to your preferences and the way you want it to be, including any type of design, any type of center stone, and anything else, whatever it may be.

One of their customers wanted to give his wife an awesome flower ring with a black diamond in its center, accented with a white diamond in yellow gold – a flower ring, as his wife loves flowers the most, and most probably small flowers.

And here is what they made and made this customer the happiest husband with the happiest wife in the world. Yes, he was so glad about what he got:

        Floral Engagement Ring

Gemone Diamonds

The design is yours and servicing is their job. I have heard this from their happy customers. It really puts a big smile on their faces when customers say they liked it or most of them, that they loved it. Gemone Diamonds is not a brand yet but offers nothing less than any other top brand does.

I can tell you if you are going to choose Gemone Diamonds, then you are not going anywhere wrong. The bond between Gemone Diamonds and their customers is always beyond anything.

Their Website

If you ever visit the website of Gemone Diamonds, you will see it’s easily accessible and simple to check out. The payment system accepts payments through Paypal, so it is totally customer friendly. For small jewelers and traders, the Gemone Diamonds Website offers the best deals and deals no other website can offer.


Gemone Diamonds offer Doorstep Delivery to most of the parts of the world.

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