Top 10 Facts About Black Diamonds

Top 10 Interesting facts about black diamonds

Hi, Everyone we are back again with the Top 10 Interesting facts about black diamonds.

I am sure you all have been through our black diamond blogs on what a black diamond is? Are black diamonds real or fake, use of black diamonds and much more. But today I am back with another black diamond blog where I am going to mention some of the most Interesting facts about black diamonds. The reason why we know so much about black diamonds is because, we are a leading cutting and polishing black diamonds company.

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  1. Black diamond definition: Carbonados

    Carbonados? Top 10 Facts About Black Diamonds

    The black diamond is also known as carbonado diamond. Well, yes it’s simple just because of the highly contained carbon molecules in it. The word carbonado is a Portuguese term which means an opaque dark diamond.

Did you ever know that the other name of the black diamond would be this one? Well, few of us know and it’s really interesting. Many don’t know. Yes, that’s how I felt when I read about the other name of the black diamonds for the first time.

2. Black Diamonds Are Only Found In Central Africa and Brazil

where are black diamonds found, facts about black diamonds

The origin of black diamonds is only from Two continents; one in Brazil, South America and one in Central Africa. Isn’t it strange that in the past both lands had been relatively close? Peace and happiness? No, I don’t think so.

3. Black Diamonds Are Found In Alluvial deposits.

alluvial deposits facts about black diamonds

Normally you can find diamonds in Kimberly deposits but you can find black diamonds only near Alluvial deposits. These are deposits and sediments that are formed by some running source of water or a river.

4. One of the Most Important Facts About Black Diamonds: Millions of Smaller black crystals make 1 Larger Black Diamond

Black Diamond Formation, Facts about black diamonds

Big Black Diamonds are actually made up of many smaller black crystals. Typically, diamonds are a single solid stone but black diamonds are bound together by internal inclusions that hold millions of smaller pieces together. This is known as a polycrystalline structure and it is the reason why it has a dark color and it is also the reason for the dark grey spots on the diamond.

5. Black Diamonds Meaning: A Curse or A Blessing?

Ancient Indian people used to consider black diamond as a curse because they resemble the color of a spider or snake’s eyes. The fable was even adopted as the representation of Yama, The God Of Death.

Black Diamonds In Ancient India Facts About Black Diamonds

Although, Italian people used to believe it as a sign of reconciliation. Italian people used to believe that touching a black diamond would bring them good fortune in their married life.

Black Diamonds In Ancient Italy, Facts About Black Diamonds

6. Carbon Isotope Black Diamond Definition

carbon isotopes and carbonados facts about black diamonds

Black Diamonds are also known as Carbon Isotope, which means they posses the same chemical element but have different atomic weight and physical properties. Maybe a reason why black diamonds are harder to cut than other fancy colored diamonds.

7. Facts About Black Diamonds: Three Main Theories Of Black Diamonds Formation

There are three main theories about the formation of the black diamonds.

This includes a theory that the formation of the black diamonds was due to a meteoric impact.

black diamonds were formed due to a meteorite impact facts about black diamonds

Another theory is that black diamonds are formed because of radiation.

Black Diamonds are formed due to radiation Facts about black diamonds


Some scientists theorize that black diamonds come through hydrogen-rich interstellar space and enter the earth via an asteroid some 2-3 million years ago.

formation of black diamonds facts about black diamonds

8. Black Diamonds Are Tougher

The toughness of black diamond is more than any other diamond, its toughness is 10 on the Mohs scale. And its polycrystalline structure makes it difficult to cut compared to any other colored diamonds.

Mohs Scale Hardness Facts About Black Diamonds

9. The Black Diamond Absorbs The Light Instead Of Reflecting it

black diamonds absorbs light facts about black diamonds

Black Diamonds don’t shine usually. They absorb the light instead of reflecting it, which means their reflection comes from their surface which is polished just like a marble stone.

10. Fancy Black Diamonds: Black Orlov

Black Orlov Diamond Facts About Black Diamonds

Black Orlov is one of the famous Fancy Black Diamonds weighing almost 67.50 Carats, which is thought to be cursed after several owners have ended their lives tragically while owning the diamond.

You can check in more details about such mysterious and famous diamonds in the world in the blog link given below:

So this is all I had to share about the 10 Most Interesting Facts About Black Diamonds, I hope you got to Know more in-depth facts about black diamonds than ever before. Now Share the knowledge with your friends and let them know about This Very Rarely Known Gem.

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