Engagements Rings are always unique for everyone; engagement rings are trendy from traditions usually. It placed in the 4th finger on the left hand; it believed that ring finger (love vein) is straight to your heart. Though there were not many options in engagement rings in pastimes, there are many elegant engagement rings nowadays. We will guide you on what engagement ring to buy.

Here we pulled sales and make data and the opinions of jewelry experts to make some the most popular engagement ring styles in 2021. Read on to learn more!


yellow gold vintage engagement ring

Yellow gold engagement rings are popular from ancient times; the metal stays forever; it will remain in the spotlight as we forward into 2021. The warm yellow color gold pairs beautifully with classic and vintage styles.


black diamond vintage bangle bracelet

In the place of classic engagement rings, the popularity of glamorous vintage bands has been the rise. It is the best alternative. Especially, those decorated beautiful-shaped diamond, have rows of brilliant diamonds sparkling more from all angles. Which are suitable for brides who dream of a unique statement ring for those who are not willing large crystals. And these vintage bands are accessible from the art deco period.



halo diamond engagement rings
halo diamond engagement rings

Halo rings are the one most likely ring as an engagement ring; Classic halo setting adds a perfect amount of elegance, a large diamond which is in the center make more stunning to a circle. Nowadays, hidden halo design is also getting more requests. It is carved as a basket-like shape on the ring, adding pave diamonds on it. Overall it looks like a typical halo; it just brings a glimpse of sparkle at the sides of the diamond. In 2021 it will remain accessible.



twist solitaire engagement ring

Engagement rings always should be something to stand out. And nothing is better than a beautiful solitaire ring. The beauty lies in its simplicity, which puts focus on the center diamond and makes the delicate features of the ring shine. And it is straightforward to set and clean. The features like Solitaire will remain popular forever. Moreover, like Tyler Stanaland, Celebrity had proposed his girlfriend Brittany snow with Solitaire’s ring.


three stone ring engagement
three stone ring engagement

As we moved in 2021, three stone rings have become iconic engagement rings as the celebrity like Heidi klum had worn as an engagement ring. This fancy-shaped side accents stones will rule supreme. It is a modern style of a ring inspires from the art deco period with baguette diamonds. This ring type has a plus point that it can be custom as the combination of stone shapes and colors.


pear shaped sapphire bridal set

Diamond Cuts_ including Oval, Emerald, Cushion, Pear are the great shapes from last year. The elegantly shaped diamonds look bolder. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence to Nicola Peltz had to make skyrocket in popularity and sporting more these types of rings. Usually, it will remain popular in 2021

Stacked Ring:

marquise cut bridal set

In the coming year, fashion had been forwarded to out of classic Engagement rings. Nowadays, brides also want something unique to look like stacks of shiny bands of diamonds like accents or crescent-shaped, highlighting her ring. These rings are usually minimalistic, are created for layering, stacked engagement rings can be layered as you need. Stacked rings are perfect engagement rings, looking for something unique; it is will be very trendy this year or next.


Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The durable and straight forward bezel setting encloses your diamonds in a beautiful metal frame. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also holds your stone firmly in place. The bezel setting it-self protect your ring from chipping or scratching. If you are live an active lifestyle, so it will be the best choice. This type of setting is unique compare to other rings. And it becomes trendy for its sleek look; moreover, the Celebrities like Rosie Huntington, Princess Beatrice of York wore engagement ring and made more popular in 2021


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