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Mark M.

Great quality and delivery time, their staff is amazing. Mr Zubber with his staff was really nice and kind, a catalogue of great black diamond rings was shown to me, a lot of options and suggestions, worth spending for this quality ofservice! Thank you!

Rachel Berta

You guys are truly amazing! My dream salt & paper diamond ring has come true because of your great product as well as the great delivery on all levels! Thank you!


Are Earrings Good for Sensitive skin?

If you have an allergy to typical metals, you are not alone. Unfortunately, multiple people struggle with sensitivities. At Gemone Diamonds, the whole range of earrings is framed in precious metals like sterling silver, and 14k-18k gold, making them ideal for those with nickel allergies or sensitive ears.

What is the perfect carat weight for stud Earrings?

For everyday wear Diamond studs of between 0.25 ct and 1 ct are perfect. In case you are looking for occasional wear then you can go with more than 1 carat.

Which earring's back type is more secure?

The safest type of earring back is the screw back. It consists of a threaded post and a nut that is turned onto the post up to the back of the ear lobe.

Will heavy-weight earrings will bring down my ear lobe?

Earrings are the most beautiful ornament but wearing heavily weighted earrings can potentially do some gnarly things to your earlobes over time.

Which style of diamond earrings is more popular?

Stud earring is a famous style because they suit any outfit or occasion. Despite their simple design, diamond earrings can add the right touch of sparkle and elegance and brighten up your face

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