Rustic Diamonds

                                Rustic Diamonds

What Are Rustic Diamonds?

The lower grade rough diamonds were once to be unusable due to their inclusions. Our Diamond cutters treat them as cast-offs as they cut away to clear crystals. Eventually, they were getting in use for their natural interest and beauty. So, diamond artisan began faceting and polishing of the imperfect rough diamonds into a unique shape which designers embraced. The imperfect nature of these diamonds has a sensual, understated appeal that leaves one speechless.

Gemone diamonds make the finest quality of these diamonds in a wide variety of shapes. And is also recognize as icy diamonds, opaque polished diamonds and more. The available sizes in these diamonds are 2 mm to almost 9 mm sizes. They are available mostly in a round rose cut, but they are available in a wide variety of the shapes now. From rose cut, pear, emerald, oval, octagon, cushion, geometric and more shapes.

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