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Milky diamonds, Gemone diamonds is the leading manufacturer of the natural milky loose diamonds. People also pronounce these diamonds as cloudy diamonds, included diamonds, filled diamonds and more. In fact, cloudy diamonds have very different and incomparable color.

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This is because of its inclusion that has spread throughout the diamond. Often, they have also a high fluorescence with the has less sparkle as compare to ordinary sparkling diamonds. So, these diamonds are mostly white to grey in colors.

Gemone diamond is here to supply with this milky or cloudy diamonds. We offer these diamonds from 2 mm size to almost 6 mm in sizes. On the other hand, round brilliant cut of this milky diamonds are a perfect choice and are a favourite pick up for making a Georgian ring, antique jewelry, rose cut diamond rings and vintage jewelry as well.  Also, milky diamonds can design in the round, pear, oval, marquise, geometric shapes and more as per customers demand.