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Gemone diamond presents you with an immense range of rose-cut diamonds. We are the manufacturer and supplier of these diamonds and can offer them in a wide variety. These traditional brilliant-cut diamonds resemble the shape of a rosebud, well it has a larger surface which reflects the high amount of brilliance. We also have Antique rose cut diamonds, rustic diamonds, milky diamonds, salt and pepper, and diamond slices. Its triangular facets are what people tend to buy this beautiful diamond.

Nowadays, it is also trending with antique and stylish jewelry and is even more in demand. And is refer as a unique shape in the diamond segment available in various shapes and sizes. Because of its unique facet cut on the diamond. This makes it look different from the other diamonds. These diamonds are excellent and many jewelers are using them for their new jewelry lineup. So, if you are looking for these diamonds in the rose cut in different sizes and shapes or If you are interested in loose diamonds Then I must say that you are at the right place. Hence, browse our collection, and you will surely love to have it.

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