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Loose Diamonds can be cut differently, in any shape imaginable. They range from square cut, round cut, pear cut and Pie cut. A pie cut diamond is distinguishable from the rest because it can be molded into all the other shapes. The most common known pie cut diamond jewelry are the asscher cut, emerald pie cut diamond, a fancy pear pie cut, heart pie and the star shaped pie diamond.

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Why Pie Cut Diamonds

The popularity of the pie cut diamonds is attributed to the fanciness, style and luxury felt by the person wearing jewelry adorned by them. A diamond jewelry piece in a pie shape will make the owner feel proud. It is all perfect when you want to make a statement at an exquisite event or when in the company of important people like celebrities. Gemone Diamonds are the masters when it comes to carving the pie shape diamond jewelry. In whichever color or shape you may like on your diamond piece, we have the know-how to ensure you get just that.

Where to buy Pie Cut Diamond Jewelry

When you are shopping for expensive or cheap diamond jewelry, always be alert and conscious because there are many fake diamond on sale nowadays. Especially, when shopping online for such precious stones like a pie cut diamond jewelry, being wary of online fraudsters is paramount. Here is the deal, Gemone Diamonds is a trusted brand which can give you value for your money for all your jewelry needs. They have a money back guarantee, international shipping, delivery is on time always. Login to their online shop or you can visit their physical shop in India where you can get your diamond piece customized and prepared as you wait. A pie cut diamond ring, earring, necklace or bracelet will give you that look that you have been yearning for? Standout yourself by purchasing a Pie cut diamond piece of jewelry today at Gemone Diamonds.

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