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Gemone diamonds is the leading supplier of gray diamond faceted beads. Gray faceted diamond beads are precisely handcraft by our artisan in India. Basically, gray faceted diamond beads are available from 2 mm to 8 mm in size mostly. And we make the bigger size of the faceted gray beads as per the custom requirements. So, each gray color of the natural diamond faceted beads is drill using the laser of mm to 0.30 mm. And this drill depending on the size of the beads.

In fact, gray faceted diamond beads are 100% natural and are not in the enhance of any manner. The natural gray color of the faceted diamond beads is in the use by Jewelry designers, jewelers and retailers worldwide to enlarge their designer jewelry collections. The uses of this Gray diamond beads are in the making of diamond beads necklace. Likewise, in the gray diamond bracelet, diamond charms, diamond earrings, and even diamond pendants.

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