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Black Diamond Round Brilliant Cut is the world’s most popular and traditional diamond shape. The round brilliant cut is a symbol of commitment. They have an asymmetrical shape that consists of 58 facets. Why is round brilliant cut so popular? Then, let me tell you because a  brilliant-cut black ability to optimize light reflection makes it brighter and more brilliant than all other shape diamond. Round cut diamonds carry the largest premium for two reasons: demand and rough wastage.

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Black diamond has powerful originality. Black diamond is the hardest gemstone and it never loses its shine. Well, If you did not satisfy with white diamonds, then you ought to try using a black diamond. Because of the strong uniqueness, black diamonds become your indispensable and companion. A black moissanite is a black diamond alternative stone.

Are you in search of a brilliant black diamond online? Gemone Diamonds provide the brilliant shape black diamonds at the affordable cost, and of the highest quality. The natural shape black diamonds are jet black with opaque in Clarity. Black diamonds from Gemone diamonds are mostly excellent to very good in the cut. So, many diamond jewelry manufacturers choose round brilliant cut shape black diamond for their jewelry.