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Looking for something more unique for your jewelry? Try setting an oval black diamond east-west across the finger for a twist on a classic ring. Oval shape black diamonds are popular in fancy shapes. Many famous jewelry designers choose an oval black diamond because of its great demand. So what are you waiting for? Choose your oval black diamonds for your unique jewelry.

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Oval Cut Black Diamond, the oval shape is a narrower and longer version of the round brilliant cut diamond; it has a longer effect, making fingers look slender and longer. It will also appear larger than other diamonds of similar carat and size. Oval black diamonds are versatile and unique in style. These shapes can include darker spots that run across the center of the diamond.

You will find these diamonds ranging from 4.00 mm to 11.00 mm in our store. If you want a bigger size of 11mm then we can make it for you just on a custom order basis. From 2.00 to 5.00 mm, the size of this cut can use in tennis bracelets and diamond pendants. You can set over a 4mm size oval cut as the center stone for engagement rings or high-end jewelry.

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