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Well, the Emerald Cut Black Diamonds typically consists of 57 facets. And boasts an elongated rectangular shape with cut off corners. When you will flash of light on the diamond You can see the straight facets and clear lines. The black diamond emerald cut is rectangular stones with long, elegant facets.


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They are one of the most unique, yet recognizable diamond cuts in the world. Emerald cuts are unique in that they are “step cut.“ Step cut stones create flashes of light that look like a hall of mirrors. This faceting creates light and dark planes within each facet or “step.” Because they do not sparkle like traditional “brilliant” round cut stones, couples need to consider color, clarity and cut very differently than in other diamond shapes.The emerald cut fits well in many different styles, but they really fit perfectly with more understated settings. Emerald cuts go well with solitaire and simple pave settings and are perfect for three-stone ring settings.

You will find these diamonds from size 4.00 mm to 12.00 mm in our store. If you want a bigger size than 12 mm then we can make them for you just on a custom order basis. With the 2.00 to 3.00 mm, size emerald black diamonds one can use in ring side stones, tennis bracelets and diamond earrings. You can set over 4mm size emerald cut as a center stone of engagement ring or high-end jewelry. Emerald black diamonds are famous in fancy shapes. Many famous jewelry designers are choosing an emerald cut in loose black diamonds because of its great demand. So what are you waiting for? Choose your emerald shape in black diamonds from our shop at wholesale price.