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Are you looking for a Diamond Beads/Strands/Necklace online? The uncut diamond looks more pretty and extraordinary in their original form; nowadays keeping something raw is more in demand. After all raw is unique and trendy. So Gemone Diamonds are presenting with the wide collection of uncut diamond beads. You will get it in a variety of colors and shapes. Shapes like round, cube, octahedron. Most Black, White, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Gray and multi-color are available in diamond beads.

We also make Faceted diamond Necklace, They are also known as polish diamond beads and beads balls. The rough diamond is given all parts of facets and polish them. They are also available in strands (Necklace & Bracelet) as well as loose.

Moreover, raw diamond beads are extensively demanded throughout the rough jewelry industry. So, raw diamond beads are a great choice if you are a nature lover. If you are looking for a diamond beads necklace then we have handmade necklaces too. Most of the people are choosing such pieces for their antique jewelry collection. It's just because the antique and unique fashion trend is picking the fire too quick in the fashion industry. Check out Bellow for what you were looking for or Email us for special orders.