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Are you looking for Natural Diamonds Online? Check out our Wholesale diamonds in different shapes and sizes. Here, you can find rough stone such as Congo Cubes, and Uncut diamond beads with strands. We also have a calibrated size of the lot in a loose diamond category. You can find a wide range of black stone from 0.001 to 5 Carat.

That is available in various shapes and sizes as well. Are you in search of Rustic or Antique Style for your antique diamond jewelry? Then you can find varieties in it too. We also have a fancy color in a lot, such as the green, yellow and pink color of the stone in this category. So, as we are the manufacturer of natural diamond and we are serving our customers for the past 50 years. While you also can check out our category list. If you don’t know anything about diamonds, then check out our expert’s Diamond buying tips.