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Wondering what a 1-carat round diamond looks link on a hand? Our round diamond size chart will help you convert millimeter (mm) size to carat size for round cut diamonds.

The diamond size chart describes what would be the exact mm size of the diamond. it helps when choosing a specific cut and carat weight diamond. Natural Diamond Size chart is a great tool to determine the size of the center stone and side stones. it also helps in determining the approx value of the diamonds. Most jewelers, designers, and even retailers in the diamond and jewelry industry pay close attention to diamond size charts while diamond jewelry.

what is the main reason? we only source what is needed, When we know the exact mm size that will go into making the jewelry design, It is important to have diamonds that are an exact size, so that diamond is not too loose, and doesn’t pop out. it also helps in reducing your sourcing need, instead of buying the whole packet, you know only what size you need, so you can utilize the save money anywhere else. In order to check the diamond quality, you should go through the diamond 4cs scale.

round black diamond size chart


Round Diamond Sizes

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Round MM
Round Weight
Black Diamond ct
weight (Approx)
0.8 mm.0.000.00
1 mm.0.010.01
1.1 mm.0.010.01
1.2 mm.0.010.01
1.25 mm.0.010.01
1.3 mm.0.010.01
1.5 mm.0.020.02
1.75 mm.0.020.02
1.8 mm.0.030.03
2 mm.0.030.04
2.2 mm.0.040.05
2.5 mm.0.060.07
2.75 mm.0.080.10
3 mm.0.100.12
3.25 mm.0.140.17
3.5 mm.0.170.20
3.75 mm.0.210.25
4 mm.0.250.33
4.25 mm.0.280.36
4.5 mm.0.360.47
4.75 mm.0.440.57
5.0 mm.0.500.65
5.25 mm.0.560.73
5.5 mm.0.660.89
5.75 mm.0.751.01
6 mm.0.841.20
6.25 mm.0.931.30
6.5 mm.1.001.40
6.8 mm.1.251.80
Round MM
Round Weight
Black Diamond ct
weight (Approx)
7 mm.1.301.90
7.3 mm.1.502.10
7.5 mm.1.672.40
7.75 mm.1.752.50
8 mm.2.002.80
8.25 mm.2.113.00
8.5 mm.2.433.50
8.7 mm.2.503.50
9 mm.2.753.90
9.1 mm.3.004.20
9.5 mm.3.354.70
9.75 mm.3.615.10
10 mm.3.875.50
10.25 mm.4.165.50
10.5 mm.4.415.80
10.75 mm.4.576.00
11 mm.4.916.40
11.25 mm.5.497.20
11.5 mm.5.857.70
12 mm.6.848.90
12.25 mm.7.269.50
12.5 mm.7.369.60
12.75 mm.7.529.80
13 mm.8.5111.10
13.5 mm.9.5312.40
14 mm.10.4913.70
15 mm.12.8916.80
16 mm.16.0620.90



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