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What is Diamond Polish?

Diamond polish is the finish made after it has been cut on the diamond’s surface. However, flaws could be produced by the polishing tool during this procedure. The cutter aims to achieve a smooth glass-like surface.

Gemologists will examine the stone to rank it under 10x magnification while evaluating the remains of the cutter’s multiple fractures.


Tiny surface defects may be generated by the polishing wheel when a diamond is cut and polished. Depending on the magnitude, as the light rays enter and exit the diamond, the defects can interrupt light patterns. This is the GIA Grades diamond polish based on each facet’s smoothness.

Diamond polished

The following scale is used:


Very good




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The finest grade of polish is those diamonds with outstanding, very good, or good grades. To the naked eye, their flaws are not visible.

Besides, they should not harm the total appearance of the diamond. Diamonds with a lower grade of polish rated as good or bad do not reflect light and appear dull. These diamonds already have internal inclusions that make the polish meaningless and can easily be seen.


Generally, the most valuable and exquisite stones are known to be diamonds. However, given the polish, others are not up to par. Besides the diamond’s transparency and color, the consistency of its polish plays an important role in its overall quality. The bigger the diamond is, the better. The smoothness of the diamond is also influenced by the time that the diamond takes to be polished.

The polishing wheel’s heat often gets too hot to create a white haze from the burning of the diamond. There are parallel lines left in the transparent process. The lines allow light to penetrate the diamond that bounces around the diamond when it has not been properly cut. Some of the light will go back up, and some will leak out, making a diamond that appears really dull.

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  1. Ashish sukhidya

    Thank You, Mr. Ashish.
    I have one question,
    Can you please tell me something about which is more important – diamond polish or symmetry?

    1. Ashish sukhidya

      Diamond symmetry has more important than diamond polish in diamond quality grading. A diamond’s symmetry is about how properly aligned the facets are.

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