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Gemone diamonds is the place where you can buy this diamonds in lots that too calibrated once, and you can make your own jewellery. Of course you can take help of your custom jeweller or nearby jeweller for the same. And At Gemone Diamonds, We are damn sure you will receive exact quality and color along with calibration that will perfectly go into the making of beautiful jewellery that will sparkle forever. Gemone Diamond have wide range of calibrated diamonds for sale.

Many of times you wanted to buy a diamond jewelry. Be it engagement rings, wedding ring, pendants, bracelets or necklace. You find it quite hard whom to trust and whom to not, especially when buying online. Its really difficult to gauge what color and quality diamonds are set in the jewellery when they are studded in gold or silver. And this is the main reason we just need to rely on the word of the jewellery alone.

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At Gemone diamonds, We provide 100% small loose diamond lots –Calibrated diamonds from 0.8 mm size to almost to 4 mm sizes. This diamonds are not enhanced in any manner. And can easily pass through worlds all diamond testers and gemmological laboratory. We follow strong GIA Guidelines when assorting diamonds. White faceting diamonds we grade them D to J color classification as well as VVS1 to I1 clarity diamonds. Most diamonds are either Excellent to Very good in cut craftsmanship.

Gemone diamonds provide an exact choice of color and excellent quality of loose calibrated diamond lots. You can as well use them to make your diamond beads bracelets.

Besides Colorless round brilliant cut diamond lots, we also provide Natural black diamond lot and color diamonds in calibrated sizes. Minimum order requirement starts from 1 ct and onward. You have choice of choosing the Size, Color and clarity options when buying it online. Our Diamond education guidelines will help you even to choose it as per your budget.

If you are Searching for Trusted and responsible loose diamond supplier? Are you searching for loose diamond lots at Wholesale price? Then, your search Ends at Gemone Diamonds being is leading manufacturer fancy color diamonds and supply to worldwide since 1967. Free shipping worldwide option also available and easy to check out Paypal payment gateway along with Buyer protection. If you have Any size, shape and quality custom requirements for diamonds, you can write us back.