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Gemone diamond is a leading manufacturer of natural diamond eternity wedding rings/bands. Nothing works so well in all types of jewelry. So, if you are planning to propose marriage, celebrate the birth of a child.  Also, if you are just wondering how best to show your love and commitment and make her fall in love with you all over again. Then a beautiful eternity ring is a so perfect choice.

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Normally Couple, who have completed 10 or more years use to celebrate their love by giving eternity wedding rings/bands. Well, time is changing really fast. Now even the couple who have just completed one year celebrate their devotion and togetherness by gifting an diamond eternity ring. Mostly, the eternity ring goes well with either an engagement ring or bridal ring set. So, one must make sure that it matches with the main wedding ring setting. It's always an wedding ring that is a centerpiece.

The addition of your eternity ring should enhance your engagement ring, not overpower it. While choosing an eternity rings, you must make sure it's setting, metal tone, and color, diamond clarity, diamond shapes. All these matches with that of the main ring. At Gemone diamonds, We make the finest quality of customized eternity ring sizes from US 4 to US 14 in sizes. So, feel free to make us your custom jeweler and we will happily make a piece of custom jewelry for you.Visit 4c's of diamond guide to check out the difference between fake and real diamonds.

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