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Here, Gemone Diamonds offers you with the finest variety of halo engagement rings. In this engagement ring, the small accents stone will surround the bigger size of the centre stone. This is to add beauty to the engagement for the overall design of the ring. So, the halo design ring style allows the customers to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that is so close to their hearts. Know more about what ring is the engagement ring!!

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While the halo design ring mostly features the centre stone from 0.30 ct to 1.50 Carat. And all the encloses stones are mostly from 1 to 3 mm size of a calibrates colorless diamonds. So, this designer engagement ring often uses as the second most preferred category after the solitaire rings for the buyers. Well, most of the jewelers and the jewelry designers do have their halo engagement ring collections each and every year to showcase their artistic excellence.

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