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Black diamond has grown into popularity in recent years. The hollywood films and celebrity exposure has sparked the black diamond engagement rings into the spotlight. If you are a movie fan probably you have watched “Sex in the City 2” where the black diamond jewelry was widely flaunted by celebrities including carmen Electra.

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Gemone Diamonds jeweler has the best quality diamond engagement rings whether you are looking for Rose cut Diamonds, fancy shape black diamond with white gold/yellow gold/rose gold, they have a wide variety at a pocket-friendly price.

The major Black Diamonds are a great trend in today's modern world and also known as one of the modern engagement rings. Well, who doesn't like "Black Color"? It suits everyone and is a trend for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a black diamond a good for an engagement ring?

Black diamond rings are synonymous with a killer sense of style and their significance is much deeper and more sentimental. It is a good engagement ring as it gives an on-trend edge and reflects her daring style.

What does a black diamond engagement ring mean?

A black diamond engagement ring plays a significant role in your relationship. Psychologically, the ring fulfills certainty, love, growth, variety, and contribution. It might seem strange, but you will notice most women fiddle with their ring on the finger whenever they are contemplating about their husband. This is a sign of commitment.

What size of the diamond is good for an engagement ring?

The average engagement ring size is 1.0-carat center stone. Though this narrative has changed and so we would say anything upward averaging from 1.25 to 1.50 carats depending on the size of her hand.

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