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Ruby is been select as a prominent wedding gem for years. The ruby color indicated the power of love and success. So, most of the gem lovers select the ruby as its centre stone of the engagement ring and signifies as a love for him or her.

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what is my birthstone? If your Birth month is July. We offer a wide collection of ruby engagement rings in 14k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold with diamonds in the accent Also, if you want us to make a special ring with ruby and diamonds then you are free to ask us at any time. We will happily make it for you in the way you want and without charging any single cost from you. So, select your own diamond ring and own one soon.

The ruby ring is instant associates with passion, desire, love, and royalty. This Birthstone is historically a stone of power, courage, and good fortune. These jewelry pieces are also the ideal gift for the love of your life partner. That's why ruby jewelry is often given on Valentine's Day, especially heart-shaped rubies. Ruby is also the birthstone of July. Making the ruby jewelry a sweet gift for anyone born in July. Gemone Diamond offers you the quality of the ring at the best prices ever.

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